Vote for Tom Felton as Mr. Twitter Universe


As most of you know, Tom has a a Twitter account, and yesterday he was submited as a candidate in Tweeterwall’s Mr. Twitter Universe pageant for Best Male Twitterer.  People have the opportunity to submit names of people on Twitter to be contestants, and the site allows you to vote every 20 minutes for the Twitterer of your choice.

According to their website, Tweeterwall is:

The brand new fun competition from mallplace that sorts the best twitterers from the twits! Submit, Vote and the winners will be immortalised for eternity in the Twitter Wall of fame.

Follow fantastic new Tweets and easily increase your followers!

Be warned voters: Competitions may end at any point so vote now to ensure that your favourite Tweeters are at the top. A countdown will appear when the competition is coming to a climax! – so check back frequently.

Remember you can Vote as many times as you like
(Simply click on the + icon, 1 vote per twit every 20 mins)

Let’s show Tom all our love and support and Vote for him here at Tweeterwall!   You will need to page through to find him, and just to warn you, as soon as you vote for him his icon will move as they are placed in order of  highest number of votes first.  Let’s make Tom #1!

Other contestants include Stephen Fry, Will Wheatan, Eddie Izzard, Jonathan Ross, and Ashton Kutcher.

26 thoughts on “Vote for Tom Felton as Mr. Twitter Universe

  1. Set you alarms to vote every 20 minutes people! We have a long way to go to get him to the top, but I know that the Army can do it!!!!

  2. Thanks to me, I’ve just put Tom in the Top 10!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Go, Tom, go! I’ve been voting like crazy today and watching the progression.

  3. just voted he’s at like 6th place or something but we can take him to the TOP 😛

    love tom and his music xxx

    when is he gonna get sum more videos on here im desperate to hear more of his songz 🙂

  4. We’re moving up. Soon we’ll be #2. C’mon vote as soon as you can. Vote, vote, vote. Our Tom can’t be 2nd or 3rd. He’s always #1!

  5. Go team Tom! Let’s show him he’s got the best army. We can do this, keep voting every chance you get. We won’t stop until Tom is number one, and the contest is over. [We know he’s number one, this is the way to show everyone else.]

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