Remember When? Memorabilia from the original Tom Felton Fan Club

Official Membership Card

Official Membership Card

Celebrating a moment of friendship and solidarity, Administrators Cazilla and Lilyginny27 along with Feltbeats Army member Aintallclocked gathered for the first official Meet-up this past weekend.  A meet-up expected to be the first of many, it was decided. 🙂  After a relaxing afternoon on the bowling lanes (Caz:2, Lily:1) the party was taken back to Cazilla’s where it was discovered a set of memorabilia dating back to 2005 when she had become a card-carrying member of The Official Tom Felton Fan Club.  A club located at the time through his official website,

Unlike most fan clubs, Tom’s was special from the very beginning by not only providing signed photographs (in real gold marker; you can feel the ridges of the ink!), but newsletters, a membership card, and a silk red rose tied with white heart encrusted red ribbon in it’s own collector’s box. Would a rose by any other name still be considered official merchandise?  Would it be worthy of The Collector?

Like any true fan, Cazilla hasn’t opened the box yet.  

Like any good friend, we couldn’t help but take pictures. 🙂

Please check out the Photo Album in our own Photo Gallery for a few more photos of what else was found in Caz’s closet!

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