Pimp My Twitter: Support Tom Felton for Mr. Twitter Universe!

A new Twitter background is available to support Tom Felton’s bid for Mr. Twitter Universe! Let everyone know you support Tom and help remind them to vote every 20 mins!

To install the new background, simply follow these instructions:

Click here: http://feltbeats.com/forum/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=413

Right click on the image and “save image” to your desktop.

Go to “settings,” then “design,” and then upload this as your new background.

Then, go to “change design colors,” and choose #000000 as your background color (to match the black background of the Tom image).

Please note that due to Twitter’s image caching issues, it make take a few hours to update and make your new background available! It might help to delete your current background first, and then upload this one. Then just wait patiently.

If you’ve added this background to your Twitter, please post your account below to let us know!

More than 200 people have already downloaded it!

And lastly, remember:

Vote for @tomfelton every 20 mins!

9 thoughts on “Pimp My Twitter: Support Tom Felton for Mr. Twitter Universe!

  1. I’ve done this! I think I did it couple days ago. I started to panic when it didn’t work, but it’s there now.
    Is it ok that I have a purple background? It still looks good and stands out.

    YAY! GO TOM!

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