Confirmed North American show times for Tom Felton’s “The Disappeared” has recently been sent new information concerning upcoming show times for Tom Felton’s new movie The Disappeared.  As we have previously reported, the film has been picked up by IFC Films for North American distribution, and will primarily play on various Video on Demand channels.

Ways to view the film via various cable providers are as followed:

BrightHouse: Movies On Demand – IFC In Theaters
Cablevision: Movies On Demand – IFC In Theaters – In Theaters

Charter: Movies On Demand – Channel 1 – Movies – IFC In Theaters
Comcast: Channel 1 – Movies & Events – IFC In Theaters
Cox: Channel 1 – Movies On Demand – IFC In Theaters

Insight: Channel 1 – Movies On Demand – IFC In Theaters
Time Warner: Movies On Demand – IFC In Theaters

Also, the LA Times has recently reported on the the power of television in relation to independent film distribution. For those of you interested in how viewing movies such as The Disappeared through this medium impacts their distributors, you can read the article here.

Thanks to director Johnny Kevorkian for sending us the information!

11 thoughts on “Confirmed North American show times for Tom Felton’s “The Disappeared”

  1. do these channels count for canada to??? cuz i dont think i have any of these and i wanna see it!!!!! twitter me a reply please at ness171990

    • We’re working on it. In the mean-time, if one of these is your cable provider, check your local listings or their website’s Video on Demand section. 🙂

  2. wait, i dont understand the timings. Is it only for people who have cable? I have Dish Network, are there timings for that? I hope !!

    • Right now these are the Cable providers that we know of that will be airing The Disappeared at some point in the future. If we hear anything else, we will let you know. If YOU hear anything from your provide (Dish Networks I presume) plese, let us know! Thanks!

  3. When does this start cause I checked the listings for Comcast and it didnt include The Disappeared… I really want to see this so I was wondering if it just hasnt started yet or something!! IFC is a godsend for us fans who live in such small towns that we dont get alot of these indie movies, this is how i watched Rob Pattinsons film How To Be, I really hope Toms film will be playing on our cable so I can see it since the trailer looked so good!! Thanks!!

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