Keep voting! Tom Felton as Mr. Twitter Universe

With only two days left, Tom Felton is getting some hot competition in the Mr. Twitter Universe contest.

The page is still experiencing server difficulties, but that is apparently not stopping fans from voting for other celebrities – so keep it up! The page may take a while to load, and if it doesn’t load at all, just keep refreshing! Then, vote whenever you can.

Vote now for Tom Felton as Mr. Twitter Universe!!

9 thoughts on “Keep voting! Tom Felton as Mr. Twitter Universe

  1. Hi Frank,
    not sure I understand you, but are you sure you are on the right page for your call?
    ❓ ❓ 💡 ❓

  2. Sort of understand Frank point. Not into this “pimping” of himself. I love him and everything but that’s to much. I’m a fan but that doesn’t mean I can’t criticize him. That’s MY opinion. You all have yours!

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