14 thoughts on “New Poll: What would you do with Draco Malfoy’s hair in “Deathly Hallows?”

  1. I definitely think the stylish should be left for our cool Tom, not proper lil’ Draco. He’s definitely had something snooty and upper class.

  2. I think a combo of how it is now, longer and Azkaban style.
    Cos this is the middle of a war and the Malfoy family is under huge stress. Especially considering what Draco went thru in 6th year.
    So I think it would be a combo, and kinda unkempt.
    Don’t know if this makes sense but that’s what I think.

  3. I voted but who cares about Draco’s hair as long as its attatched to Tom’s gorgeous face and sexy bod!!!!!!! 👿 😳

  4. Concerning the longer and stylish hairstyle, I’m agreeing with Elle, for as a matter of fact, so does Anthony, my own character, has it this way. After a minute’s of hesitation, I voted for n°3.

    With Love,


  5. I think it should be longer than it is in HBP, because after fleeing Hogwarts and living in the Manor with Voldemort for a year, I can’t imagine Draco would care very much about his appearance. He’s scared, and I doubt he’s getting his cut maintained on a regular basis. He’s probably rather unkempt.

  6. While I do agree with Southernbets, I still think that something along the lines of the second movie is best for Draco. I, personally, didn’t know that the hairstyle hadn’t been written directly into the books. It’s just very him; sleek, slimy, and proper. Even when he’s going through mental discord, I’m not of the opinion that it would change as much as you think it would. The Malfoys are very appearance centered, even when horribly distressed.

    • Whenever I have polls dealing with Tom’s hair, they are super popular. LOL.

      I originally also had an option for Tom to be bald, then I removed it, haha.

  7. It definitely should be like Tom’s hair in real life blonde of course. This hair style suits Draco very well! 😀

  8. I think it should be longer but not necessarily stylish because in deathly hallows he is kind of a prisoner. Of course it has to look good, but for gods sake, who in his right mind would have a problem with his hair when is maintained as a prisoner!, I think the character has more important worries than that!

  9. I think it should be like the scene in half blood prince in the bathroom duel 🙂 Kinda short, kinda messy 🙂

    • yeah, i think it should be like that too, as he’s inprisoned in his house, and is under alot of stress (damn you voldie :D) so hair would be the last thing on his agenda, (or would it be? rotfl)

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