Tom Felton as Riley? More rumors from around the globe

More entertainment magazines and Web sites from around the world are covering the “Twilight” rumors involving Tom Felton, as we published Wednesday.

J-14Magazine had the following article:

Will Harry Potter’s “Bad Guy” Become Edward Cullen’s Enemy Too?

Could another Harry Potter star being following in Rob Pattinson’s footsteps and trading in his wand for immortality — that is, making the jump from Harry Potter to Twilight?

Rumors are swirling that Tom Felton, who plays Harry’s bleach-blond enemy Draco Malfoy, is being considered for the role of Riley in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third installment of the series. Riley is described as “a handsome, blond, clean-cut college boy who falls victim to Victoria.” And as true Twilight fans know, Riley plays an integral part in Victoria’s plan to destroy Bella.

In addition, here is some coverage from more sites from around the world:

  • I have a Robsession – I think this would be excellent casting. Who better to play it than Tom? He’s a fabulous actor, and was cast perfectly as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series.
  • – Twilight: Draco Malfoy in Eclipse?
  • Il – A rumour of these last hours talks about Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter) in the role of Riley.
  • Alphabet City – Felton could have a small role in Eclipse, that of the newborn vampire Riley, new companion of the red Victoria, high water of hatred and desire of revenge against Beauty.

14 thoughts on “Tom Felton as Riley? More rumors from around the globe

    • I would also like to know whether or not Tom will be cast for this role, the rumors are crazy. It seems Tom fans, Harry Potter fans, and Twilight fans are talking constantly so there must be something there!

  1. He would be fantastic for this role! I am a Twilight fan so I have read Eclipse several times and I can see Tom Felton doing an incredible portrayal of Riley. I really hope he lands the role!

  2. I believe Tom would give the character of Riley such an incredible depth !!!!! He would be amazing in this role i cant see anybody else play it it would be an EPIC FAIL if they took anybody else anybody agree?
    Love and hugzzzz Shanajaca

  3. Those little J-14 readers really tick me off haha most of them dont like tom they refer to him as malfoy!!!! Come on people get with the times his name is tom not draco or malfoy!!!! But i still love him as draco : )

  4. i said this already but…. PLEASE PLEASE DONT DO IT!!! ur better than twilight (*throwing up*) u r AWESOME!! twilight (*throwing up*)is a piece of crap!

  5. DONT DO IT TOM! I HATE TWILIGHT WITH A MURDEROUS BLOODY PASSION AND IT WILL RUIN YOUR CAREER! YOU HAVE AMAZING TALENT, DONT THROW IT AWAY BY TAKING A ROLE IN A HORRIBLE MOVIE LKE TWILIGHT! it is shallow and totally predictable. not good material for anyone, especially not for promising young actors

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