Photos of Tom Felton at Collectormania

As has previously reported, Tom was to attend Collectormania today in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.  As the day has progressed, many images of Tom at the event have surfaced, including one he posted himself on his Twitter.

Girl I met at Collectormania, how sweet?  Her little sis was in a Slytherin outfit but too shy for pic!x 

Other images have popped up as well, one from Feltbeats Forum member Kegan5! Lucky girl was first in line for autograph signing. Congratulations Kegan! You can read all about her meet with Tom here in the Feltbeats Forum.

Please check out more photos of Tom at Collectormania here in the Photo Gallery.

7 thoughts on “Photos of Tom Felton at Collectormania

  1. That is great! I will read all about it! Also, there are new pics of Tom as Draco from the sticker book. Go to Snitchseeker; there is a new update. 😀

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Kegan. I actually saw Tom’s picture with the little one before to go off-line last night, and I still can’t believe they had chosen to go on with the longer hair, like if Draco was mirroring to Anthony, or if is tom who’s mirroring to both? Nevertheless, I’m very happy about it!

    With Love,


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