Final push for Mr. Twitter Universe! ONE DAY LEFT!

We’ve got some competition, Feltbeaters! Let’s vote!

Okay everyone! It’s the FINAL DAY of the Elite Mr. Twitter Universe competition! We’ve slipped a couple places but we need to hold where we are! Other celebrities are really putting a lot of extra promotion into this competition, and Tom Felton deserves to do well!

I know the Mr. Twitter site where you vote is down often and takes a long time to load when it IS up, but just KEEP REFRESHING the page and it will eventually come up! gets a lot of traffic and if everyone who read this notice today just takes a second to vote once or twice today – Tom will win!

Remember, you don’t have to register, you don’t have to have a Twitter account – you don’t need to do anything but click! It’s really easy!

Vote now for Tom Felton!!!!!

11 thoughts on “Final push for Mr. Twitter Universe! ONE DAY LEFT!

  1. Yeah, I have to reload it five or six times before it finally comes up.

    BUT the fans of the other celebrities are somehow getting through – so we have to keep trying!

    Tom Felton fans don’t give up!

  2. I still think those American Idol types that popped up suddenly are manipulating the site somehow 😕

    I’m also unsure about that once every 20 min limit, is that still on? Because sometimes I don’t see a change in the vote count at all (though curiously only for certain people…)

    Well, anyway we’ve got to keep Tom at least on 3rd place 🙂

  3. The website for Mr.Twitter Universe is my top visited site above Twitter, which is really saying something! I estimate my votes around 200+ and I am still not satisfied, so lets all give one last push!

  4. The first thing I do every morning when I get up is to switch on my computer and vote in this site which takes forever to load! 🙁
    But I’ve never given up!
    Vote till the end 😛

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