Introducing the TOMS UNITE campaign! VOTE NOW!

In a dramatic move that stunned the entire Mr. Twitter Universe universe, Tom Felton (@tomfelton) fans made a top secret, covert deal to vote for Tom Fletcher (@tommcfly) – and in exchange, the McFly fans would then vote for Tom Felton. We call this the TOMS UNITE campaign! This move has several advantages:

If you squint your eyes, Tom Fletcher (above) almost looks like our Tom, except Tom Fletcher (above) is apparently missing both ring fingers, which is very sad.

1. We could use all the help we can get defeating Danny Gokey! He’s a tricky character that sneaked into the competition at the last minute!

2. Tom Felton and Tom Fletcher are friends and Tom (Felton) has already said he wouldn’t mind losing to Tom (Fletcher). So, really if Tom (Feltcher) wins, it is almost exactly the same as if Tom (Felton) wins! (Except for the part where Tom (Felton) actually wins, and all that.)

3. Tom (Fletcher) looks a lot like Tom (Felton) if you squint your eyes a bit, no?

4. It would be really cool if, through the power of Felton fans, we can help Tom Fletcher win! So, let’s try!

Firstly, everyone please spread the word! This won’t work unless all McFly fans and all Potter fans know about it! And we only have EIGHT HOURS!

Post the following to your Twitter account:

RT @feltbeats: Introducing the TOMS UNITE campaign! Vote for BOTH Toms and WIN! RT fans of @tomfelton & @tommcfly!!! –

And remember McFly fans – we need your help! Please vote for Tom Felton every time you vote for the McFly boys!

So, everyone go to this new link (it seems to load faster!) and vote for BOTH Tom Felton (@tomfelton) AND Tom Fletcher (@tommcfly)! The new link may give you a security error – you need to say “add exception” and then “get certificate” and then accept the certificate. But it is worth it because it seems to load better.

But, even this new secret link has problems – so just keep reloading the page until it pops up! Then, keep reloading until it comes back and vote AGAIN!

Remember, you don’t need to have a Twitter account to vote, you don’t need to register – all you need to do is click! It’s easy!

Vote for Tom Felton AND Tom Fletcher! TOMS UNITE!

11 thoughts on “Introducing the TOMS UNITE campaign! VOTE NOW!

  1. On the chance of sounding stupid… where did you see the 8 hours??? 😯 It says it ends 11:00 (GMT) which is exactly… an hour from now 😕

    So we really have to hurry up and get people to vote!

  2. Ugh,never.
    I hate Mcfly, who knows what they will do.
    Anywas the site doesn’t work to me for some reasonXD

  3. Think twitterwall has sabotaged Tom, have refreshed page 10 times and won’t show a + to vote for Tom!!!! Shows + even for others after just voting!

    • Voting ended about 4 hours ago… but thanks for trying anyway. I’m convinced had the site worked properly Tom (either one of ’em) would have won!

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