UPDATE: Screaming Fans & Autographs: More Video’s of Tom in Paris

As to be expected, new video’s of Tom and his fellow Harry Potter co-stars at Fnac in Paris have emerged.  Found another? Have new pics? Send them in!

From Feltbeats Army member Shanajaca, we have up close and personal pics of Tom from the signing in Paris, including a better quality photo of the new Draco poster gracing the side of the train.  You can see all the new images in the Fnac Signing (2009) photo gallery here at Feltbeats.com.  This first video was shot by her as she waited patiently in line to meet Tom.

From BBC Brasil, we have a small article and video of the event. You can watch the video here in Porteugese.  You can see the same video in English but with an extra interview with our Tom at the end here at the BBC UK. 

The Paris train station Gare du Nord on Monday received three wagons specially decorated and full of actors, objects and animals from the Harry Potter series.

Among them were Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy, Bonnie Wright, who plays Gina Weasley, the owl of Harry Potter, Hagrid’s dog, and beyond the Weasley twins.

The composition is part of promoting the next film in the series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which debuts on July 15.

The train will leave Paris on June 9 for a promotional tour in France, bringing the magic of Harry Potter to 11 French cities until June 21.

Many thanks to Estrella89san and Shanajaca for the tips!

6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Screaming Fans & Autographs: More Video’s of Tom in Paris

  1. There had been a similar promotional tour done for OOTP, about two years ago, I think. When I had found it out, it was too late. Twice I’ve missed the train, Twice! Perhaps the third try will be the good one!

    With Love,


  2. In the longest of the two clips you can hear me talking hahahaha she was standing next to me you can also see my hand and my phone this is funny to me thx for finding this Shanajaca

  3. Ok. First off. This picture. Is hot.lol
    Me and my friend need to meet him<3
    If we don’t.we will die very unhappy.
    Thomas. We love you. More than ourselves.
    I’m serious.

  4. I’d like to point out a small mistake in the caption. It’s Ginny Weasley, not Gina Weasley! And OMG! They guys look hawt! Bonnie looks very beautiful! And that was very nice of Tom to write in French instead of English! x

  5. Does anybody know where the people in the 3rd video (starting at 0:15) got their robes from?

    I want a Slytherin one 🙁

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