Fan reactions & new pics of Tom Felton from “The Disappeared” Q&A session

Tom’s Twitter Account received a variety of responses from people in attendance last night at the showing he attended for his film The Disappeared. All accounts were favorable, and this morning I was able to chat with user @HarryFerguson, aka Martyn for a more thorough reaction upon meeting Tom.

“I’ve seen him in a few interviews”, said Martyn by way of email, “and I’ve always said he seemed really down to earth and genuine, now after talking to him I can say that I *know* he is. We talked about his music and how it was people like him that inspire me to play more and that it was thanks to him that I got into acting. I bumped into him outside before the showing and he very kindly signed a model guitar I had. Then again after the film.”

Martyn, I learned, is so truly inspired by Tom that he even did a cover of Tom’s Time Isn’t Healing for his YouTube channel. “It was only basic chords with me singing, though I’m working on learning the finger picking that Tom used. I’m also working on a cover of If You Could Be Anywhere.” [Editor’s Note: After he returned home, Tom watched Martyn’s cover on YouTube and even left him a lovely comment “Great job Harry. Was great to meet you last night. All the best buddy x”]

As Tom is a musical inspiration for this 19 year old student, I asked him what brought him out to meet him in person. “I don’t normally go for horror films,” stated Martyn. “But this one grabbed me so much I HAD to see it. It was fantastic, never a dull moment. There was a Q&A afterwards but I didn’t speak to them directly. Mum asked everyone a question, though. I was going to but thought it’d be rude if we both took up some of the question time.”

As many of you remember, Tom experienced the horrors of bleach upon his hair yesterday for his role of Draco Malfoy in the final installments of the Harry Potter saga. As such, I asked Martyn his reaction to the new ‘do. “After growing up around the Harry ‘world’ so to speak,” he said. “It seemed natural to see it like that. It was weird seeing it so short in the film though. I just hope the bleach doesn’t do any permanent damage!”

From what Tom has stated on his Twitter, he feels the same way. 😉

To round out the evening, Twitter user @Tomsgal, aka Tina, was able to share with us some photos from the Question and Answer period of the event. Her reaction to the film was similar to Martyn’s – “Liked it. I loved it.”

Click here for even more photos!

Tom with Johnny Kevorkian and Harry Treadaway

Tom with Johnny Kevorkian and Harry Treadaway

The Disappeared will be showing at the ICA in London through 4 July. If reactions are anything to go by, it’s one not to miss.

Thanks, Martyn and Tina

6 thoughts on “Fan reactions & new pics of Tom Felton from “The Disappeared” Q&A session

  1. aww they cut it? it looks shorter… but im LOVIN seeing the draco in him again hahaha, altho i do love his natural hair to!

  2. What have they done to Tom’s beautiful long hairstyle?! Loved it so! 😥 Sorry to say this but the dark blonde colour suits Tom better in my opinion.

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