Remember that iTunes Festival Tom Felton Went to?

Remember how we posted that Tom Felton tweeted that he was attending the iTunes festival? Well, according to Fearne Cotton’s short Twitter conversation with Tom Felton, Feltbeats is now pretty sure when, where, and how you can know what they talked about during that interview.

And Here’s what they said:

Fearne Cotton-

@TomFelton Thanks so much for coming on the show, man! It’s gonna be a great show! ITV2 on the 9th!

Tom Felton-

@Fearnecotton I know the feeling of the roots! Look forward to watching it on the 9th; hope the rest of the shows go well. x

[By the way, “the roots” that Tom refers to are not ancestral roots, they are hair roots! Fearne Cotton twittered how she had to dye her hair roots blond!] She says:

Then getting the roots done to continue the illusion of permanent blonde!

Feltbeats then had to do some investigation!

And this is what we found out:

Ms. Cotton hosts a show on ITV2 called “Celebrity Juice,” but thanks to fellow admin Becka, we know that the show just ended its season.

However, all was not lost because, according to Fearne Cotton’s official website, she is also hosting the iTunes Festival!

And upon conducting a search of ITV2’s “TV Guide” we found out that there will indeed be an iTunes Festival show Thursday the 9th of July at 10PM [GMT].

SO there you have it! Watch ITV2 this coming Thursday at 10PM for a chance to see Tom Felton’s interview with Feanre Cotton at the iTunes Festival.

There has been no report as of yet that Tom Felton played [or didn’t play] the guitar at the festival. Let’s keep the hope that he did, even if it was only a little three note jig.

If you are able to record/upload the show, please send it to us at or

Just a reminder to United Kingdom fans: you are able to watch ITV2 online here. If you have the ability to record via your computers, that would be the way to do it.


2 thoughts on “Remember that iTunes Festival Tom Felton Went to?

  1. It’d be very nice to find out that he had indeed played the guitar (just for a little bit), to the iTunes Festival, and to see and hear the rest of the interview, since I don’t have it in here.

    With Love,


  2. They showed a clip of Tom at the Itunes festival this morning on Loose Women, with Dave Berry talking about him..

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