Watch Tom Felton at the HBP UK premiere LIVE here!!

Watch Tom, Jade, and the rest of the cast and crew of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as they walk the red carpet in Leicester Square, London LIVE right here courtesy of Livestream. Live coverage will begin at 6pm GMT/Noon CST, but until then, enjoy some interviews, the trailers, and a few brief glimpses of the crowd as more and more fans arrive to join the fun.

Just press play!

[UPDATE: Now that the event is over, I’ve removed the embedding. Everytime we refreshed the front page, it would start playing again. LOL But here’s a pretty picture of Tom from the Livestream to look at instead.]

14 thoughts on “Watch Tom Felton at the HBP UK premiere LIVE here!!

  1. arrghh! i’m having trouble with the time zone converter.! there are lots of gmt’s there.! i desperately want to see this!

  2. I, I’m having troubles with the streaming and loading. There are constant interruptions, which is very annoying. But that’s ok, I’ll catch up tomorrow with the pictures and eventually other videos of the event you’ll have posted here overnight.

    With Love,


    • I think I saw Jade, but I’m not sure it was her.. Right before Tom started the interview next to the camera we’re watching from..

  3. awwww what a suprise, he’s going with jade, AGAIN. she’s using ya tom, for the money. pfff after all she is from west london so there wouldn’t be no suprise…..

  4. Brilliant! I just checked the website while I’m at lunch at work (12:30 CST), so I’m right in time to at least listen while I work!

  5. Wish they’d buffer this video just a little bit!!!

    Also – the women doing the “interviews” don’t know anything about Harry Potter other than as casual fans – makes me go “grrrr.”

    1) that was “Madam Sprout” not some random witch
    2) they were mandrakes, not “screaming babies”

    GAH!!! *flails*

  6. Tom was beautiful and Jade aaaaaa she is very lucky to have him at her side!
    Thank you very much for this, I’m from Argentina and the truth, was very exciting seeing the premiere live.
    You’re a great fansite, thank you very much again

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