Feltbeats Live Coverage is over – Welcome back, everyone!

Feltbeats.com is wrapping up our Live Blog and switching into normal coverage! We had a BLAST during the premiere and I hope you all did too!

A picture of the Feltbeats Army girls having fun, as proof.

If you’d like to re-read the Live Coverage from start to finish, it is available below, or (temporarily) at http://flash.feltbeats.com.

We will begin posting “wrap-up” posts of each of the major events in the next day or two – just to be sure you didn’t miss anything!

Thanks, and welcome back!

1 thought on “Feltbeats Live Coverage is over – Welcome back, everyone!

  1. Welcome back, girls! You know, what you did back in New York, some years ago, it couldn’t have been possibly done back in France under the framing of an official Fan-Club. It no longer exists, nowadays. You’re on your own, which is making things a bit thougher. But you’ve given the proof it could still happens, when everybody is working hand in hand, and I can only applause to the performance! I hope we could meet one day. Meanwhile, which of you are featured on the picture above?

    With Love,


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