Emma versus Jade? Tom Felton himself finally speaks up on the matter


There has been a lot of publicity recently speculating on some kind of rivalry brewing between Emma Watson (who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter films) and Jade Gordon, Tom Felton’s steady girlfriend.

Jade, 22, is assistant to the stunt coordinator on the Harry Potter films, where she and Tom met a few years ago. They have been dating now for almost a year and a half.

The stories about Emma and Jade seem to have started during the New York premiere of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” The morning after the premiere, The Daily Mail ran an article titled, “Emma Watson upstaged by evil Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend at Harry Potter premiere in New York.” It read:

As per usual, Emma Watson put in a head-turning performance and dressed in a risque all-in-one black and white leather halterneck dress.

However, her enchanting display was upstaged by a rival from the ‘dark side’ in the form of evil Draco Malfoy’s (Tom Felton) girlfriend, Jade Olivia.

Miss Olivia, who works in the film industry, dazzled in a figure-hugging short grey floral dress.

The brunette was first pictured with Felton, 21, last July at the Dark Knight premiere in London.

The Telegraph also highlighted Jade’s fashion sense in their coverage of the premiere, displaying photos of Jade and Emma, side by side.

Additional glamour at the New York premiere was provided by Jade Olivia, girlfriend of actor Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy.

Additionally, a German gossip magazine went into more details about the supposed events of that night, in an article called, “Draco’s girlfriend is Emma Watson’s Nightmare.” Thanks to a nice translation (thanks again, Selly!), we can now read it:

Emma Watson was flabbergasted when the paparazzi suddenly turned away from her. Hermione’s got competition!

Thousands of fans and press had come to see the New York premiere of “Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince”. Emma Watson, the female star of the night, was all dolled up. She made her way over the red carpet in short leather top and black high heels.

However she nearly stumbled when she realized what was going on behind her back. According to the “Daily Mail,” Co-Star Tom Felton proudly presented his beautiful girlfriend to the press. Her name is Jade Olivia, she works in film industry as well – and she simply looked fantastic.

Emma Watson also had to admit to herself: Jade’s grey mini-dress was a few inches shorter than her own dress, and Jade’s silver-coloured high heels were the eye catcher of the night.

“Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend is upstaging Emma”, the press reported.

Jade scored another time: While Hermione was stuck posing “plain platonic” between Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, Jade was snuggling up to her Tom, with whom she had shown up in matching outfits. That was probably very upsetting to Emma, who is, according to insiders, known to be quite bitchy.

Things may have quieted down after that, until a few days later Emma Watson struck back, claiming on the “Live with Regis and Kelly” show that she had a crush on Tom in the early films.

“Did Tom know this?” asked Regis.

“Oh yeah. It was obvious. It was so obvious. It was very, very obvious,” she responded.

So, earlier today, Feltbeats.com asked Tom via Twitter what he thought of Emma’s crush and the whole situation in general. He very kindly responded:

@feltbeats It’s flattering but she’s not for me! I’m far too infatuated and in love with Jade to notice anyone else! x

So, there you have it folks! Tom has spoken and it seems pretty clear: His heart is taken. =)

49 thoughts on “Emma versus Jade? Tom Felton himself finally speaks up on the matter

  1. Oh come on Tom, you had a crush on her too, right?! 😀
    Can you guys ask him please?

    Emma is so cool and beautiful 🙂

  2. I think Tom is saucy! He should give Emma respect! Otherwise Emma will leave The Harry potter movie!

    By the way, how long do The harry potter actors work each day?

  3. the way i see it, tom has jade and emma has her BF. i guess by her mentioning her crush on tom was just to let it out there. yes it was in early years but when we’re young you just start crushing on a whole bunch of people (i’ve had my share of crushes and i’m about to be 16). clearly,
    i believe she’s moved on and has he!

    • Agreed – she clearly states that the crush was in the past.

      I really liked Tom’s response more than anything. So romantic! =)

      • I loved Tom’s answer best, too. <3 Lucky Jade. I want a boyfriend that romantic! Not to mention all the songs he wrote that totally have her name on them!

        Lucky, lucky Jade…

        Becca 😀

  4. wat???
    how can ppl be saying that about emma?
    and ditto with Charity up there ^

  5. I agree totally with tomfeltonftw and charity there! I can’t believe that you guys are even posting this. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. She said I HAD-NOT-I HAVE a crush on Tom! And if I’m not mistaken Tom also had a crush on Emma once upon a time. Maybe he didn’t say it out loud but his actions and even in an interview he implied that he liked her and not in a co-starish way!

  6. she said she had had crush during early movies…so i guess during poa maybe gof…and yes she has a bf…

  7. Wow, lil Miss Watson’s got competition. I find it very amusing. Though, I feel very sorry for her. Somehow, I thing that the crush was very mutual. Then again, they both have their own bf/gf. I wonder who will prevail….

  8. Please leave Emma Watson in peace.
    She said HAD, NOT that she HAS a crush on Tom.

    I don’t understand what are you saying that this is a competition (¿?) Tom and Emma have their own girlfriend/boyfriend respective, EW don’t have anything to envy to Jade and Jade to Emma either and final point!

    I can’t believe either that you guys are even posting this. Especially the way you put this, like it were a fight/war/competition between both of her.

    • This is completely not our intention. And we don’t like to see bashing happening to either of the girls. They are both really lovely and truthfully, yes it is a rather silly thing that the press tried to make into a big deal.

      Like Misha said above, we just wanted to put all the gossip/news in one place and let you make your own judgement.

      Most of all, we wanted to show Tom’s equally flippant remark on the whole thing.

      No war intended.

  9. The post very clearly says that Emma said she had a crush on Tom “in the early films.” No where does it say she has a crush now! I’m not sure why you’re arguing that?

    And, the fact Emma admitted this for the first time DID actually happen the day before this was posted. =)

    I got probably 10 – 15 questions about this on Twitter… asking what the whole “Emma” thing was about. So, I pulled together the coverage from the last week and put it together in a post. I think it is fun more than anything. =)

    Emma clearly thinks it is fun or she wouldn’t have mentioned the crush. She volunteered the information – no one even asked her about Tom. Do you think she’s not smart enough to know it would get a ton of media coverage? Of course she is! =)

  10. I liked both Jade’s and Emma’s dresses. They are both so pretty :]
    Ahaha, i like Tom’s response to this. 🙂 Xx

  11. Well I think you have two different topics here. The first one being-was there this so called cat fight with Emma being jealous of Jade. I don’t know I was not there and all these tabloid magazines like to start crap. What’s funny is that in one of the millions of videos of the premier you see Jade and Emma’s BF (I can’t think of his name) talking in the background. You always have to remember to not believe everything you read especially from these gossip magazines.

    The second topic about Emma’s crush is a totally different subject. Yes Emma said she HAD a crush on Tom at one time and maybe he had one on her at some time I don’t know it really does not matter it was just a funny answer in her interview because so many people always said those two crushed on each other at one time. Tom’s response to your twitter question is in the present tense making it sound like Emma has the crush now and he is turning her down. I Think when he answered the twitter question he should have answered about when she HAD the crush not now although his answer is sweet towards Jade

    • “Tom’s response to your twitter question is in the present tense making it sound like Emma has the crush now and he is turning her down. I Think when he answered the twitter question he should have answered about when she HAD the crush not now although his answer is sweet towards Jade” THIS!!!!!!!! I totally forgot to mention about this! but I think the only reason Tom said that was because he didn’t want any unnecessary misunderstandings with Jade now that Emma has revealed this. It’s great Tom ‘s expressing his feelings but he really shouldn’t have said “she’s not for me” just like you said (sounding it like Emma has the crush now and he is turning her down)

  12. also, didn’t Tom and Emma date once? Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought they did….:/

  13. You know this post is not THAT serious?

    We like Emma, too.

    We know she HAD a crush on him.
    MAYBE he had a crush on her, too.

    It’s past.
    Both have a partner now.

    And quotes are quotes! Yes, really. Don’t think anything was put in. You can read all lines somewhere, except the translations of course 😉

    Also this “Emma vs. Jade” thingy was started in some newspapers, not here!

    So hey, calm down a bit 🙂

  14. Oh and btw:

    We’re supporting Tom and everything around him, that includes Jade. We love her almost as much as him 😉
    She is really nice and lovely and helpfull and everything (and most important he is happy with her).

    So if want to say bad things about her – go somewhere else please. 😉

  15. Who cares whether or not Tom had a crush back or not… that was ages ago when they were so young, but he now is completely smitten with Jade and I for one think they make a wonderfully beautiful couple!! I think its great that he is so happy with her and she is very beautiful and very fashionable so its no wonder that she gave Emma a run for her money at the premiere, Im sure she didnt do it on purpose, she just wanted to look nice when appearing in public with Tom cause she is very proud of his work!! Besides, can any fangirl here blame Emma for having a crush on our Tom??♥

  16. Past crushes aside – honestly, I highly doubt either Emmy or Jade are in some kind of competition. Really – I hate the tabloid crap got reposted here, but whatevs – it was funny to read at any rate.

    And Naomi – what rude, hateful things to say about Tom and Jade. You don’t know them and to pass a judgement on their relationship like that is unbelievable and you should be ashamed of yourself. If I were an admin here I would’ve deleted that post the moment it appeared. You don’t have to like Jade, (I’m sure she’s losing sleep over the fact you don’t like her – Ha) but if you are a fan of Tom then those comments show a complete lack of respect for him.

    Tom, if you are reading this – you are great, Jade is awesome – you two are an adorable couple and I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

  17. The more i read the comments the more i’m thinking this is just a case of let’s-suck-up-to-the-girlfriend-so-Tom-likes-us

  18. Ahh, I enjoyed her dress! I think it was stunning, along with the couple themselves. She may have pictures on the web of herself in less tasteful outfits, but if they’re happy together, that’s what counts. He can make his own choices, and we should all still love him the same. c:


  19. absolutely adored Jade’s dress at the premier. If she’s got the figure for it, then who’s to say she shouldn’t [modestly] flaunt it?

    I’m not a big Emma/Hermione fan anyway lol.

  20. I absolutely think Jade looked beautiful at the NY Premiere. She looked fantastic for every event.
    I find both girls do well at putting themselves together.
    I also do believe that if all this was a real issue to Emma she would not have said she had a child crush on Tom.
    My own kids are these cast members’ age and they admit benign crushes to old friends all the time and this info has no bearing on their lives today.
    I am certain both girls are confident in their womanhood to know where they stand.
    It is wonderful when the elder teens and early twenty-ish’s get a soul mate. Suddenly the weird awkwardness of hanging in groups falls away and a true partnership evolves. Then we see the adults emerging through the experience of being a partner to someone.
    I have to say that the most surprising of all of the girls has been Bonnie Wright. She is becoming striking and very demure.
    I commend all the girls on the cast for acting very fine and carrying themselves so well at their age at these public events. There is a noticeable difference between how the young stars of the UK carry themselves and the young stars in North America carry themselves. I can only imagine that the UK artists get better counseling from their parents or agents and mentors on how to be professional in public.
    The whole of the young cast of HP carries themselves so well, and seem so grounded in their public persona, and that really makes me feel proud as these folks are role models whether they like it or not.

  21. Personally, I prefer Emma’s dress!!

    I’m happy for Tom and Jade, and also for Emma and her bf… but a small part of me (the dramione shipping part) likes the idea of tom and emma together!! haha!!


  22. A short P.S. to the above comment on Dramione, Jade and Emma by Anon:

    I would like to wish Tom success in his acting career or whatever area he chooses for himself after HP. I also wish him to be happy in his love with any woman he chooses.

    • Thank you so much for your post, Anon. You’ve perfectly resumed the whole situation, certainly better that I could have had done it myself in another time. Nothing matters more to me to know that Tom’s happy with the current choice his heart has made. For it would make mine ache if it turned out he wasn’t. He’s in his twenties, he wants to live them, and I can comprehend that very well. Meaning, he has my benediction.

      With Love,


  23. I just hope this doesn’t affect Tom and Emmas working relationship like previous poster wrote. Hopefully neither cares about gossip. I really don’t like when the media is trying to start something and the bitchy quote was totally unnecessary. (Not blaming Feltbeats just the tabloids) Both girls are beautiful. And I agree that it sounds like Tom misunderstood and thought Emma has a crush now. And ppl, stop the hating. Tom loves Jade. You should be happy for him.
    And btw I do love Dramione but I don’t picture Tom as Draco when I read. More like Boyd Holbrook. 😉

  24. Haha, yeah back in the day when I was a MAJOR dramione shipper (tho I still kind of am) I was really into Tom and Emma. Especially during the Disney Channel Awards. There was so much speculation!

    It’s cute to know that we weren’t all hallucinating something back then 😉

  25. i think that this post was really unnessasary (sp) i have a lot of respect for this site usually but i was really dissapointed in this post even if it was a joke and fun.

    you didnt need to report tabloid trash that is clearly made up crap and there only doing it to start rumours. i no that you wanted to let everyone no about the emma and tom thing fair enough you could have easily done that by saying emma said she had a crush on tom in the PAST and then shown the video link and toms reply. there was absolutly no need to bring in the bunch of crap lies about Emma being compleatly jelouse of Jade when you yourselves and everyone knows its total crap everyone knows Emma has a bf Jay and that they have been dating a long time and are serious and everyone nos tom is with jade i just think comparing the two is rediculas and the heading making it out to seem as if its some sort of love triange and war it is stupid.

    i dont think you should have brought attention to the articles tbh because some people could possibly take it as emma actually having been jelouse of jade (fyi i am not even a emma fan). i personily think you shouldnt have even brought any of it up because to be honest its not yours or anyones bussiness wat goes on in tom felton and emma watsons private life its no ones concern or bussiness. its no news that back in the day tom had a crush on emma but if i remember correctly he said she was too young which is why he never persude it.

    Toms private life should be kept private personalily Toms Famouse not Jade so i dont see the point in bring her into posts fair enough she was at the premier but wat freaked me out a bit was the way people where more obsessed on this site about jade then tom at the premier wanting heaps of pictures of her and videos its a tad creepy.

    dont get me wrong there cute together and jade seems like an awesome chick amd as long as toms happy im happy but sometimes this site makes her out to be a media hog which i no she isnt. i have respect for this site i do but i think maybe u should tone the jade thing down a bit and keeps toms private life private

    sorry for the long essay and i mean no disrespct to anyone i just needed to get it off my chest and i apoligise if ive offended anyone

  26. I LOVE Jades dress looks so nice on her. I love that both her and Tom have the same colour they so go together. I also LOVE the open bow tie thing i think it looks great if no one else does!!!!!

  27. This is getting way too scandalous.Both girls have different styles and qualities.One is a co-worker and one is his girlfriend,jeez everybody.

  28. I don’t understand why most comments seem upset with this post?

    I also don’t understand why people are getting upset with feltbeats.com.
    This site was made to follow the music and career of Tom Felton. It is a fan site that relates news and occurrences that surround his life. It just so happens this is what is going “on” right now. This site and the admins who posted this article are just re-hashing what a ton of tabloids have speculated and said. It was meant to keep you up to date on Tom, it was meant for a laugh at the ridiculous situation the media has come up with relating to him.

    I think a lot of people need to realize that tabloids are not ones to speak the truth. I think others also need to realize that both women are beautiful in their own ways, and no one, no matter how big a fan of either, should put one or the other down.
    This has been blown way too far out of proportion.

    I really honestly and sincerely don’t see why the tabloids, and most of you who left comments, are making such a fuss.

  29. Jade has never pushed for pulicity? She never wants to do interviews or take pictures or anything. From what I understand, she feels it’s Tom’s moment.

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