Draco Malfoy vs Edward Cullen?

J-14 magazine managed to obtain an exclusive video interview with Tom Felton regarding who would win in a battle. Draco Malfoy or Edward Cullen?

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26 thoughts on “Draco Malfoy vs Edward Cullen?

  1. Tom has such a heart-warming personality when he does interviews! It comes naturally to him! Jade is definitely lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend! In all honesty, Draco beats Edward ANY day. Spells vs. power, spells definitely win here! Lots of love all the way from Canada!

  2. It’s so obvious who would win .
    First of all , I don’t even think I can find anyone who still likes Robert Pattinson .
    Tom Felton is whats hot right now! (But always was in my heart)
    And um , yeah , Im pretty sure Tom showers .. hahaha unlike somebody . xD
    hahaha , Tom Felton is amazing , and no one can touch thattt!

  3. there is no competition between them !! Draco of course
    he is Hot & grew right infront of our eyes !! he is the Best Bad boy 😉 DUH he threw Harry with his spell in the COS :p not Edward he is so old Fashoin 🙄
    Tom u r so sweet & i luv what u did 4 ur GF <3 she is so lucky !!
    best wishes 4 u 4m Saudi Arabia !!

  4. Oh draco would win for sure all he would have to do is hit him with one avada kedavra and he’s dead. personally i would rather him crucio him a bit first just to make it more interesting then finish off edward. but its not question. draco is more famous right now not edward. tom is more famous right now not robert. plain as that!

  5. I’d have to say edward… oh wait that’s kinda hard.
    Because Edward has more power physically and he’s much much faster… but that means that if he wants to punch or hit or wat ever Draco then he’s have to go close to Draco but Draco could just poof! you know lol. But thing is Draco would have to rip Edward to pieces then burn him for Edward to die. Lol just my 2c

  6. I’ve got to disagree yes I love Tom (and Draco) but as tom said draco is a wimp. Edward is faster then spells. though patterson might need to stay down on the drugs or at least shave. and the look in his eye gives me the shiver lol so sadly, edward would win (though not in my mind only in real life)

  7. Tom Felton is the coolest most awesomest Celebrity in the whole world!! AND he will always always beat Edward Cullen cause edwardo is just tottally 100% UNCOOL.! TOM FELTON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  8. LOL. That was quite good. As for battles of the supernatural, I’d say it could go either way. As a character, Draco is better. Edward creeps me out… but he’d own in a fight, and while Draco is cool. intelligent, and just a bit vicious, he really is a bit too easily frightened. IDK. I bet Draco could swing it!

    And DANG! I wish my BF would take me out like that, but NO! For my birthday he cheated and got himself three boyfriends. Stupid brat. 🙁

  9. Oh, yes! The Mc Donalds nuggets meal accident, I remember that! When I saw the picture of it on Twitter, I couldn’t believe it! The best part is, we’ve the same, here. So, better check twice before signing a receipt!

    Venice…Wish I had been there to see that with my own eyes…

    With Love,


  10. I think the question was Draco Malfoy vs. Edward Cullen, which one would win in a fight, rather than Tom Felton vs. Robert Pattison, which one has more fans, which seems to be some peoples’ interpretation. I think Draco would win on the technicality that Edward doesn’t kill humans, being a vegitarian Vampire and in love with a human.

  11. Y’know, I’m not sure. Harry would beat Edward any day… because clearly
    Harry >Voldemort
    Voldemort > Wormtail
    Wormtail > Cedric
    Cedric = Edward
    so logically Harry > Edward

    But Draco? Harry > Draco obviously but I’m not sure. I think Edward would finish Draco off though.

  12. firrst of all neither of them are good looking just because they are cute in movies doesn men there cute in real(though tom is quite sexy

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