“Grace and Danger” is on Facebook

The upcoming WWII movie to which Tom has committed, called “Grace and Danger,” now has a Facebook page. Click here to join!

There is also a myspace.com page available here which will play a musical montage made for the film (featured earlier on this site).

Currently, Tom is not listed (nor is he pictured in the development poster, to the left), but from what I’m told he will be officially listed in the next few weeks.

Tom is set to play Carnaby, an American soldier who is described as a gentleman. In the movie, Carnaby and his fellow soldiers rescue a young woman named Élodie from a village massacre and plan to escort her back to safety. But during the perilous journey, the other soldiers seem to become quite “interested” in the girl, and Carnaby steps in to aid her.

For more information, including an excerpt from the script and a developmental trailer, read our previous coverage.

Everyone join the group to keep updated on the film!

6 thoughts on ““Grace and Danger” is on Facebook

  1. An American soldier?! Wow I am definitely intrigued now. I’m not into military films, but this I need to see. I’m so impressed with his performance in HPB, so I can’t wait to see him take on another role outside of Harry Potter. … and I have yet to see the other films he’s been in.

  2. See, I want to know what sort of budget this film is on. If its not got the proper budget, no matter how good the actors are it will be awful. War movies really do call for higher levels of effects and makeup art. Still, I’d love to see Tom working on something so serious! It would be quite intriguing. And besides, I think it is a true testament to an actors abilities if they can be a convincing soldier. Yay for war movies! I <3 Saving Private Ryan! Oh, and Enemy at the Gates!

  3. hey tom,i just read that you are thinking about doing a concert after your next movie.i strongly suggest america.tennessee to be exact;)we have plenty of singers come down here but none are really popular.it would be totally amazing if you came down here!chattanooga tennessee is the place to be!
    lots of love,KAITLYN

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