Xavier Samuel Cast in Twilight

In the past couple of weeks we have been hoping that Tom Felton would be cast in the Twilight series first as Alex in “New Moon” and then as Riley in “Eclipse”.

The latter has fallen through as well. Today, Summit Enterntainment has announced that Xavier Samuel, an little known Australian actor has landed the role of Riley. He is the first new actor to be cast in this third installment of the “Twilight” series.

More vampires to be cast? More hope for Tom as an all powerful, all beautiful vampire? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

20 thoughts on “Xavier Samuel Cast in Twilight

  1. A little miffed that Tom missed out… AGAIN! But totally psyched that an Aussie got the role! Whoot for ‘Down Under’!! YAY

  2. I don’t want Tom to be in Twilight. To me it is…kinda weird. Don’t know why. I know that Tom Felton is a real person and not just Draco Malfoy but nevertheless it would be so strange to see him in Twilight.
    He’s too good for that movie. ;D

  3. While I would love to see Tom in one of the Twilight films, Riley is such a very small role, I’m not too disappointed; trying to think if there are any other (more substantial) parts coming up in the next one that would suit him.

  4. Whatever is best for his career, I suppose. Riley is such a small part, not really worth fussing over. And anyway, I’m hoping he tries a romantic comedy next (as the leading role, naturally), then some really serious drama, then a villain in an action film, perhaps. He’s got immense potential!

  5. im actually pleased… I mean, Tom deserved the role, but I don’t like Twilight and things in my mind would have clashed..!

  6. Okay,I’d like to clear something up first: Tom IS NOT with Emma. They’re just good friends. He is going out with Jade Gordon [who is extremely lucky,by the way]. With that taken care of,I have to say I’m a bit disappointed about Tom not getting the role of Riley,BUT don’t say you disagree with me yet. I am also happy that he didn’t,because as Anonymous said,once Rob was cast as Edward Cullen,people totally forgot he was once Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. We can’t let that happen to Tom,it just wouldn’t be right. Tom is a great actor with a lot of potential though,so I’m sure it won’t be long before he gets a part in another popular franchise. I guess we can only hope it won’t be something as famous as Twilight so people will forget he was Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter.

  7. Boo! I’d really like to see him in a twilight movie, as it would be a good reason to go to the films! There’s a lot of characters though, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  8. i am a bit disappointed but i really dont think people would have forgotten him as draco malfoy. i mean rob is now known as “edward cullen” because its a very big part. but like people have mentioned, riley is a very small role. rob was only in ONE of the harry potter movies, and will be in all the twilight movies. which one do you think they’ll remember? and viceversa for tom, he’s been in ALL the hp movies, one twilight movie wouldnt have hurt the whole “draco malfoy” thing. although, it would have been hard to see tom ripped to pieces o-o

  9. Well, I know pretty much nothing about Twilight. The only reason I would have bothered to watch any of the Twilight movies would have been if Tom was in it.

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