Tom Felton Live Musical Performance?

[Note from Lilyginny27: Tom actually twitted about this before it was featured in MTV’s Twittwer-wood:

“Thinking about doing my 1st live musical performance nxt year when I finish deathly hallows, when,where,how? Any ideas? X”

You can send Tom ideas on where he should perform via Tom’s Twitter Account.

Tom reveals today that his post-Deathly Hallows plans may include a live musical performance.

Read more at MTV Movies Blog.

14 thoughts on “Tom Felton Live Musical Performance?

  1. since i cant see it live…i sit here and pray that i wud see it on youtube…so who ever will post it on youtube or here at feltbeat…GOD bless u..

  2. that would be awesome if he did but it would prob be in london or w.e… meaning a lot of jus probably wouldnt see it 🙁 so if he does i hope somene tapes it for all of us to see 😀

  3. Go for it! That’s absolutely incredible!

    I wish it could be in Canada, though. We never get any good musicians doing concerts here. Heck, we don’t have anything here except for lots of snow (and Avril Lavigne)!

    He should come to the US, at least, somewhere in Michigan, to perform. Michigan’s right across the border from where I am. Tom has sooo many fans in this area, all my friends and I would totally go to his concert!

    God bless,
    FeltonFan (who hopes you’ll come to Canada again soon, even if it’s not for a performance!)

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