Nominate Tom Felton for “Best Movie Villain” in the Teen Choice 2009 awards!

Voting is going on right now for the Teen Choice 2009 awards! Tom has not yet been specifically named for any awards – but we have the chance to change that!

The contest currently allows for teens to “write in” a suggestion if we think someone has been overlooked. So, let’s all head over to the voting site and use the write in form to suggest Tom for an award!

We at would like to really push Tom for the “Best Movie Villain” award for his portrayal of Draco Malfoy in the recent Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Unlike other villains nominated for the award, Draco is a complex, sympathetic character who, though his actions are dangerous and deadly throughout the film, still manages to win over the audience’s heart by the end of the film. His villainy is not by choice, but rather, it is thrust upon him.

In addition to “Best Movie Villain,” you could also nominate Tom for other awards! Some good suggestions:

Best Celebrity “Twit” (Someone with a Twitter account – Tom has almost 100,000 followers now!)
– Best Web Star (Tom’s Feltbeats YouTube videos have been viewed millions of times!)
– Red Carpet Icon
– Best Male Hottie


1. Go to the Teen Choice Awards 2009 Web site.

2. Register (only ages 13 – 19 may register).

3. Once you’re logged in, find the pink link toward the top of the page that says “Make a suggestion.” Click it!

4. Fill out the form to nominate Tom Felton for “Best Movie Villain” and whatever else you feel is appropriate.

5. Vote for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” as Best Summer Movie!

6. You can vote once per day – so keep going back and submitting another suggestion form!

7. Tell @TeenChoiceGirl on Twitter that you really want to see Tom Felton nominated!

Your votes pick the winners of the Teen Choice 2009 so be sure to tune in Monday, Aug. 10 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX and see how your favorites did.

Any ideas to promote this contest and get more people to nominate Tom? Let us know!

46 thoughts on “Nominate Tom Felton for “Best Movie Villain” in the Teen Choice 2009 awards!

  1. Can’t vote, I’m a bit old for this. Nevertheless, you’re reminding me fond memories, when I was checking the result in Teen Beat magazine. Would be nice to see Tom making it, anyway.

    With Love,


  2. A little hint …
    The page doesn’t know your REAL age or name or whatever *cough* *cough* 😉

    Good to be 17 again … 😉

    • Hello,
      While you are right about being able to input any name you want, any age, we could get our nomination for Tom disqualified by publicly talking about not being actual teens 🙂 Might be best to delete these two posts?

      Chloe xxxx

  3. Suggested!
    I really do hope he wins! He isn’t only an amazing singer and actor, but an amazing person!
    Love Him Forever!

  4. IF TOM doesn’t get nominated, i m going to be so mad, he extremely deserves TO BE NOMINATED, neverthless he DESERVES TO WIN THIS AWARD !!! He does such an amazing job, i have always loved him, he is my favorite character :D, the main reason i watched the 3rd and 6th part atleast 3 or 4 times in theatres is coz of TOM !! WE ALL LUV U TOM ! U 100% DESERVE THIS. BEST VILLAIN IN THE 21ST CENTURY 🙂
    Luv u Tom!! xoxo

  5. You Guys should nominate tom and dan for the Movie Rumble too.. i did and hopefully if enough of us nominate them, they’ll make it.. the scene i used was the bathroom fight scene

  6. Definitely just suggest Draco as Best villain. and the Sectumsempra scene for best fight.
    I really hope he wins. =] it would make my day.

  7. Hahaha, I absolutely agreed. I’ve suggested Tom to be nominated for these following awards:

    Best Movie Villain
    Best Celebrity “Twit”
    Best Web Star

    And I’ve already told @TeenChoiceGirl. Will do again tomorrow.

    Tom is loved. Hehe. xD

    Myra x

  8. Dammit!

    I live in Austria and therefor am not allowed to vote.
    How unfair!

    But hey … do you guys think I should nevertheless?
    As if someone is going to check my IP …

    I really want Tom to win this award. He deserves it!

  9. Done and…done.!

    yayy thats so cool I totally hope he makes the list I would vote for him everydayy. lolz

    I’ll make several accounts and vote for him every dayy.


    is that weird?

    oh well who cares lolz

  10. I vote tooo =)
    yeah 🙂

    I really want that he win this awars yeaahh =)
    And I am sure he will 😛
    @ Merima

    Why are you not allowed

    I live in germany and i am allowed o.O

    nice greetings =)

  11. I remember to vote and suggest everyday! Hopefully he gets nominated soon because time is running out to vote for him!
    The least that should happen is that he gets an honorary award. 😀

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