Update on Tom Felton’s planned World War II film, “Grace and Danger”

If you’re a fan of “Grace and Danger” on Facebook, you’ve been getting updates on Tom Felton’s planned war film, “Grace and Danger,” in which Tom is set to play a kind-hearted American soldier in World War II.

Tom’s character, Carnaby, and his fellow soldiers rescue a young woman named Élodie from a village massacre and plan to escort her back to safety. But during the perilous journey, the other soldiers seem to become quite “interested” in the girl, and Carnaby steps in to aid her.

Earlier today, the movie’s director, Rhys Hayward announced that some key confirmations would be made later this week:

A huge thank you to everyone who is supporting Grace and Danger – and to all the Harry Potter fans among you. You know who we want in the film, and how badly we want him!

Please continue to spread the word about G & D – should be an exciting week ahead. Maybe some sunshine here in the UK? Hope so!!!:)

Currently in the process of confirming key cast members as we set up meetings with distributors. An exciting week ahead – can’t believe it’s Tuesday already!

4 thoughts on “Update on Tom Felton’s planned World War II film, “Grace and Danger”

  1. I already talked to Rhys through Facebook, and I mentioned I hoped to see them at the Toronto Film Festival, and it sounded like they are heading that way….so I am watching the lists from the festival and when I see the schedules come out in August I will let you know. I am going to assume an appearance at the festival in September will mean it will be a short to drum up finances. I am a member of the festival so if I hear anything I will let you know

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