Why is it always the hair? Tom Felton’s scary fan encounter

Contact music has this story today about how Tom Felton was accosted by a fan recently.


HARRY POTTER actor TOM FELTON was left shaken during a recent fan encounter, when an overzealous devotee reached into his car window and grabbed a fistful of his hair.

The star is still bemused by just how much of a global phenomenon the boy wizard franchise has become, and he was given a taste of how crazy some fans were while promoting the new film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in New York.

Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the movie adaptations, tells the New York Daily News, “We felt like the Beatles because there were people cheering. We thought we would put the (car) window down and be like, ‘Hi, it’s nice to see you.’

“We put the window down, this woman reached right in and grabbed my hair. (We were like), ‘Pull the window up, pull the window up!'”

This snippet was also part of a longer article by the New York Daily News, which also features encounters from the other Potter stars.

34 thoughts on “Why is it always the hair? Tom Felton’s scary fan encounter

  1. AW no! lords above- at least i know i wouldn’t do that as a fan. maybe i would attack the poor … well the lady- but that’s purely a defensive strike 😐

  2. Fan following hasnt changed after all these years was the same for all heartthrobs over the years starting with the Beatles.
    Take care Tom in future at least I havent seen any reports of your car being mobbed ,ow that would be scarey

  3. She pulled his hair? Thats just not something you do. doesn’t matter how much you like or admire someone, you just don’t pull there hair!

  4. That’s so messed up! That’s assault, not fan worship! No wonder stars grow more distant to their fans. The correct response to meeting a beloved actor/musician is to fall to your knees and chant, “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

  5. That woman is a crazy crazy person. I feel bad for Tom 🙁 HE had perfect blonde hair! No one messes with Tom Felton.

  6. I hope shes sorry.
    I mean he plays a character, this is only for a movie, it doesn’t mean that she could go around physically hurt someone!
    That’s just really bad, and his prefect blonde hair, OMGG!! WTF!? 😯

  7. hey tom,sorry about the weird fan encounter.she must have been a total idiot.lol.but anyway i was wondering if you ever thought about comingto tennessee to do an interview or book signing?we love singing and we are huge john jackson fans!you see i live in chattanooga and its a civilized place to live.it’s amazing when we get a musical performance or a star from a tv series.but we have never had both.so if you want to come down into the south where music was born,do not be afraid.because we are not as stupid as people think we are.
    ya know you could go to grace land after your visit in tennessee.thats where “the king”or elvis presley was born.he is like the king of of rock and roll down here.
    so you can sleep on it or reply back.hope your shooting with DH is going great!give my love to all the cast members and have a great time.

    love kaitlyn brett
    p.s. the scene where you and harry are in the bathroom fighting is my favorite too.take care tom.

  8. Tom’s hair’s already quite thin from all that bleaching, here’s to hoping that the fan didn’t rip any out.

    • I agree with u Dana…the crazy lady needs help! Poor Tom!!! Even if u hate him DONT pull out other peoples hair!!! Especially toms.

      Hah we have the same name. 😉

  9. What a terrible thing!:(
    I heard it and was angry and grieved.

    However, there is the good fan too.

    I support you in Japan.

  10. OMG! That lady must have been downright insane!!! Why would you want a lock of Tom Felton’s hair?! Get an autograph or something, cuz that’s just really weird…

    Hope you’re okay, Tom!

    Love from FeltonFan

  11. Hahaa oh dear! That’s so amusing!
    I get the feeling she’s been dying to do that for awhile and jumped at her first opportunity to do so.



  12. Lordy, that’s awful. I’m not going to lie, I laughed at first when I read it, but then I immediately started going, “Aw! Poor Tom!!!”

    I can’t believe that some people are so crazy! That’s absolutely insane that someone grabbed his hair. Oh, I hate getting my hair pulled!

    But that had to be just terrifying, really. But OMG, I really started laughing when I read that “Pull the window up, pull the window up!” part.

    Oh, sorry Tom. Hope you’re okay!

  13. Oh man, that’s just crazy. I hope he’s doing alright after that. It’s okay to be excited about seeing one of your favorite actors in person, but to just completely lose it and “attack” him like that? It’s not cool…

    Hope you and your hair are doing okay, Tom!

  14. why would any1 want to rip out his hair???!!! the other fans should have taken her out as soon as she leaped at him i would have. lol

  15. Hahaha, the crazy fan was probably trying to get a lock of hair (?) so she can make a polyjuice potion and then sneak into her boyfriend’s drink! That way, she’ll have “Tom Felton.” I’m sorry, was that a bit obsessive with Harry Potter? Yeah, okay, I’m crazy, and now I’ve created an absolutely brilliant plan to have a tom felton for all of us!
    okay, i’m letting my inner fangirl get out. I’m going to stop, NOW.

  16. Alright that is a bit messed up. I mean seriously. Pulling his hair? I could understand stroking it lovingly :3 haha like caressing it, but there is no reason to be aggressive… although I would love to touch his head. But still. No hurting the Tom Felton!!

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