Another quick update regarding Tom Felton’s planned WWII film, “Grace and Danger”

If you’re a fan of “Grace and Danger” on Facebook, you’ve gotten a new update today from the the movie’s director, Rhys Hayward.

This is the World War II movie in which Tom Felton is set to play an American soldier named Carnaby.

The director’s note today read as follows:

Great to see we now have over 100 members, and appear to be growing strong – huge thanks to Feltbeats and others who have helped to promote Grace and Danger!… Nice to see popularity up 20% on imdb:)

Our favourite blonde gentleman should now have a copy of the current script – his agent requested it yesterday. No real changes since he auditioned last year, although the ending is far more poignant. Let’s hope it meets with his approval.

Back tomorrow (hopefully!) with more news regarding cast – have been chasing agents like mad.

We will keep you updated as Mr. Haryward gives us updates!

4 thoughts on “Another quick update regarding Tom Felton’s planned WWII film, “Grace and Danger”

  1. thats so exciting i can’t wait to see this movie when it comes out i love war movies flag of our fathers was great my grandpa served when he was younger we used to talk about it before he passed away he was a true honor and so our troops today and i still love to watch them so its cool my fav actor will be in one

  2. I joined the group on facebook. LOL I got that same update! So nice of him to send out the group message and keep everyone informed!

    And I LOVE WWII movies!!! It was a fascinating time, and the people involved were true heroes.

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