White Wristbands At Premiere

In case you were wondering about the white wristband on Tom’s wrist at the premiere, the Bosh reported today that they are in remembrance of murdered co-star Robert Knox. Bonnie, Emma, Dan and Rupert were all sport the wristbands at the premiere.

10 thoughts on “White Wristbands At Premiere

  1. ou wow..that is so sweet!! i didnt even notice he was wearin 1 wen i was there..to distracted by his hair nd the tie nd his eyes!! ou gosh thoes eyes.. teehee…ok..im bac teehee }^]

  2. I think that HBP is dedicated to Rob Knox. There’s a In Memory annotation at the very end of the ending credits. But I couldn’t read the stuff properly, the people for the next viewing having appeared into my range of vision!!

    With Love,


  3. What happened to Robert is truly horrible. I sympathize for his family and friends.

    It’s a very meaningful thing, though, to wear those white wristbands, and that should be acknowleged.

  4. Im soo sorry for the loss but MY BEST FRIEND IS IN IT!!! WELL HER HEAD AND HER HANDS! (theone with the camera)

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