Fan video of Tom Felton’s arrival in Japan now online

Thanks to our friends at Our Dearest Tom, we now have video of Tom’s arrival in Japan, including a few more photos from the fans in the airport.

7 thoughts on “Fan video of Tom Felton’s arrival in Japan now online

  1. aw, poor girls, they had things to be signed! i would make a terrible famous person. i’d always be trying to stop and say hi to the fans and all my handlers would be annoyed. it looked like he was asking about them & told no though! 🙁

  2. Poor Tom. I would hate to be Famous! and have people wanting me to sign things i dont think i would have the heart to disapoint them even tho i know he didnt want to!! its horrable! that famous ppl have to be controled and can’t do what they want. they prob waited there for a while just waiting for him. they had a sign and all. (even tho he ended up getting it. he has a pic on his twitter) I LOVE YOU TOM! even tho i missed you in New Jersey! =[[

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