A fan’s account of Tom Felton’s live stage appearance in Tokyo, Japan

Tom fills in the eye of a daruma doll.

A Japanese fan named Nessa wrote the following account of Tom Felton’s life stage appearance in Tokyo for the Our Dearest Tom Web site.

About 800 fans of Tom Felton and the Harry Potter series gathered at a movie theater in central Tokyo on August 1, to see Tom’s very first live stage appearance in Japan.

Tom presented himself on the stage after the screening of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and was immediatedly welcomed by the enthusiastic audience with a big round of applause. Some fans were even choked with tears of joy.

Although Tom was accompanied by an interpreter, his first word to the fans was “Konnichiwa!” which means “Hello!”

So sweet of him to learn to say a Japanese greeting by himself! He also said “Arigato” (Thank you) several times while being interviewed there.

He told the audience through the interpreter that it is an honor for him to meet the “legendary Japanese fans” and that he is thankful for their long-time support.

After Tom had talked about Draco’s deepened character in the latest film and the satisfactory progress of the next two films, a large daruma doll (Japanese folk art) with only one eye was carried to the stage so that Tom can experience a certain Japanese ritual.

The presenter explained to him that the first eye of the daruma had been painted to make a wish (in this case, wish for the success of the film). Since the wish is now fulfilled and the film has become a blockbuster, its second eye must be filled in.

Tom was handed an ink brush which he held “like a magic wand” (that was what the presenter said, but the press reported this as Tom’s words) and painted the pupil of the daruma with extremely careful strokes.

After that, he had to pose with the brush still in his hand for a few minutes so that the press can take his pictures. During this short photography session, he waved his other hand once in a while in response to the the fans waving their hands at him.

Tom’s appearance on the stage only lasted for 10 minutes or so, but it was truly a memorable event for all the fans who have waited so long to have Tom in Tokyo.

9 thoughts on “A fan’s account of Tom Felton’s live stage appearance in Tokyo, Japan

  1. Hi, I’m the one who wrote this account and I want to make one correction:

    I checked the video of the Tokyo stage greeting on YouTube afterward and the media was right.

    It seems like Tom did say that the ink brush was “like a magic wand” when he painted the daruma’s eye…only his voice wasn’t caught by the microphone so I thought it was’nt him who said it first.

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