Does Tom Felton look like a young Ryan Gosling?

Everyone (like HandsOfTime and rubyvargas) is always telling me how Tom Felton looks just like a young Ryan Gosling.

So, I had to go look through 10 billion pages of Google Images to find a picture of Ryan without a beard! Now, I must say, I can indeed see the resemblance.

No wonder “The Notebook” is one of Jade’s favorite movies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

49 thoughts on “Does Tom Felton look like a young Ryan Gosling?

  1. While I hold no dislike for Ryan Gosling, I think Tom Felton is much better looking. There are definitely some similarities, but I think, not enough for me to say they look alike. Just my 2cents

  2. Lips are similar. Tom’s eyes aren’t as…narrow, I suppose? And his nose isn’t as skinny, but there’s a slight similarity=]

  3. I don’t see it, either. They sorta have similar noses and the shape of the face is pretty similar, but other than that, not much of a resemblance. They’re both very good looking, though! (I prefer ryan gosling clean-shaven, but I guess he’s not into that kind of look. hehe).

  4. hmmm..i kinda see it }^]
    ..i always thought that he looked like Jesse McCartney..wan his hair is styled in a shag }^] ..or is that jus me lolz

  5. The nose looks similar but Tom’s eyes are farther apart and wider also Tom’s lips are fuller which makes him cuter than Ryan:D

  6. I see the resemblance, though I never thought to link those two together before now.
    I love Ryan Gosling and I think he’s very good looking but I do prefer Tom Felton and I’m glad he isn’t a complete match to Ryan.

  7. I do see a resemblance. I never would have seen that before though! I do think Tom looks better though : )
    hmm…maybe that IS the reason Jade likes The Notebook so much! haha

  8. DUDE! Good God… *shakes head* Hahahaa… I so didn’t think you’d be making a post about this. And also… you put Tom’s choice of CANDY on the Amazon list? I’ve only just noticed. I <3 you… a lot. *walks away, still shaking head in amusement*

    • Tom’s got prettier eyes (would he be offended by me saying “prettier”?) . similar nose tho. Overall, I give it a no. LOL.

    • LOL, yeah he likes mini-eggs! Yay! It’s supposed to be “Feltbeats Faves” so I tried to add things that I know Tom likes. =) If I could put McDonald’s chicken nuggets on there, I would.

      • By the time Amazon sent the chicken nuggets over, they would’ve turned green. And smelled really badly. But I can imagine it… AMAZON’s FAST FOOD SERVICE. LOL. They take forever to ship my books… although, admittedly, not as forever as some of the private vendors. However, I’ve just looked, and they appear to sell “chicken nugget jerky [I assume it’s jerky…]” so yeah…. Hmmm.

  9. There are indeed so similarities, but really, Tom’s features are more lumineous, and at the same time have a slight untamed side, if I’m making any sense. That’s what’s always intrigued me about him…

    With Love,


  10. I just saw that pic of Tom on snitchseeker’s page and thought immediately of Ryan Gosling when he was on Remember the Titans. It’s hard to forget what he looked like in that movie since we watch it every year at school.

    I think it’s because of the pointed face and the blond hair.

  11. they’ve got a few similarities but it’s not that much. ryan was cuter on ‘the notebook’ (even tho i’ve never seen the whole movie). but i always thought tom looked more like eminem!

  12. I disagree about the lips. Tom’s lips are fuller than Ryan’s and they have a “cupid’s bow” shape to them, which makes them looks so kissable. Minor similarities, but we all know who wins the “Cute Actor” award. (No offense to Ryan Gosling or his fans. I’m sure he has his good points.)

  13. Mini Gosling. He looks more like mini Gosling.
    But Tom has his own personal features.
    I wouldn’t say the hair is different
    because he dyes it every ten days.

  14. Just canยดt see it.

    Tom: Big, pretty eyes.
    Ryan: Small eyes.
    Tom: Fuller, more “kissable” lips.
    Ryan: Long, thin lips
    Tom: Hot. : ) <3
    Ryan: Not. ; )

    You can see my point.


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