Tom Felton to attend Half-Blood Prince premiere in Athens, Greece

UPDATE: Tom Felton has confirmed with that he is indeed scheduled for this trip, and is very much looking forward to it! Thanks, Tom!

Our friends at have posted reports that Tom Felton will be attending the Half-Blood Prince premiere in Greece on Tuesday, August 25th at the Village Cinemas at the Mall in Athens.

It is also reported that Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) will attend as well. The two actors will begin to greet fans at 6:00p.m. local time; the premiere itself will start at 9:00p.m.

Snitchseeker is trying to confirm this event with Warner Bros, and we will try to confirm with Tom! Here is a poster announcing the event:

Harry Potter Greek premiere

20 thoughts on “Tom Felton to attend Half-Blood Prince premiere in Athens, Greece

  1. Good luck for both of them… and Tom really deserves it 😀

    [okaaay, I’m still waiting for Brazil to have some premiere… would be something more than happy… even more if he’d come… :'( ]

  2. Greece?!!! So he has to go abroad again??
    Yah~! That’s cuz Toms really EXCELLENT,what an AWESOME actor!! He’s the BEST 4ever!!!
    Good Luck with everything he’s going to do!! =D

  3. I’m happy for the Greek fans (and a little jealous I have to admit). Nevertheless,I hope Tom and Evanna enjoy themselves and I wish them the best of luck! 😉 x

  4. Aawwwwiee I hope dey both have an amazing trip 🙂 Athens is such a beautiful, I want to travel around Europe so badly 🙁 is such a gr8 place to visit !
    I wish them both good luck, be safe, and Greek Fans dont go tooo crazy :p lol …..( I’m very jealous) i wish i was in Europe right now 🙁 *sigh* but i am also very happy, there dreams will come true 🙂 it will make them happy ! Evanna seems nice 🙂
    But I love Tom !
    Dang he does a LOT OF TRAVELLING !! He deserves it though, an incredible actor deserves this 🙂 he will have an amazing time, and plus he will keep us posted through TWITTER 😉 YIPEEE !! Jade will be dere too with him 🙂 she seems very cool and a nice person 🙂 good 4 Him ! I just hope she never ever breaks his heart 🙁 *tears*

  5. Yeah u wish jk!! glad that tom’s going to greece cause i’m pretty sure it’s an awesome place pretty from the picture imagine upclose and personal!! 😀

  6. Salute to this on-line magazine about Tom Felton! Guys and Girls who had worked behind this site ( had collected, translated those magazines which built in foreign languages really diligently. What a great job!

  7. I’m so stuck with Harry Potter from the very first minute!That’s why my nickname is “Potter” . it’s a great pleasure that Tom and Evanna will visit us here in greece..we are really looking forward for this monent!! I hope i will be there too..Now i am on vacation but I’m leaving this Sutarday just for you!I am sure that this will be one of the most grate events around.. <3

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