A fan’s depiction of Tom Felton in Nagoya

Snitchseeker came across a fan’s experience of the question and answer session Tom attended after the Half-Blood Prince screening in Nagoya, Japan. YumekutteIkt wrote up not only a lovely depiction of the event with quotes from Tom, but also drew out some cartoons of Tom at the event as fans were not allowed to take photographs. Besides the most adorable cartoons ever, below are some highlight’s from her Livejournal entry.

“Even when standing casually, he had the aura of sophisticated movie star…”


Q: Did you have a chance to see the city of Nagoya?
Tom: I saw Nagoya Castle, only about five minutes from the car, though. I thought it’s Hogwarts in Japan! *g*

Q: Will you be interested in joining the cast if there’ll be a film about Nagoya?

Tom: Definitely!!(with smile) Nagoya, saikou(Nagoya’s awesome)!!

Q: In the film, your character’s hair is all set beautifully.
Tom: I think Draco has his hair salon in Hogwarts and sets his hair every week! *g* But I need to dye my hair every once a week to play my character; I dyed my hair before coming to Japan and I have to dye again as soon as I come back home on Wednesday.

YumekutteIkt’s favorite moment from the event:


“My favorite moment was– when asked to describe the other casts, especially the trio(one of prescribed question, I guess), Tom answered amusingly, “Daniel is like a stand-up comedian, Rupert is rather shy, and Emma is fun to work with”; then the reporter picked up his remark on Daniel and asked him to talk about some specific funny episodes, which apparently Tom didn’t expected. After a few moment of embarrassed smile, Tom stammeringly described the episode in which Daniel often acts like one of the production crew and shouts “rolling!” behind the camera.

“Good thing the interpreter had delivered his previous remark on Daniel simply as “funny person” and so the majority of the audience was well convinced, but I couldn’t help snickering– “oh Tom, that episode does sound funny, but I don’t think it qualifies to call Dan as ‘a stand-up comedian'”!!;-)”

You can read the rest of her experience at the question and answer by clicking here.

12 thoughts on “A fan’s depiction of Tom Felton in Nagoya

  1. Absolutely an “Awwww” worthy report. How cute is this?? I love how the fans have all loved him in person as well as the interviewers being surprised he is so opposite to Draco and is friendly and upbeat.

    • Absolutely an “Awwww” worthy report.

      You’re taking the words out of my mouth, Flutesong. She’s a great pencil stroke, she would make an excellent Mangaka. Perhaps Tom will have one day his own Manga, telling up his story, a thing not uncommon in Japan, especially if it’s a beloved artist. Her depiction of the whole thing is very touching, filled up with sincere affection. I’m touched in return.

      With Love,


  2. What a CUTE CARTOON!!! OMG…!!! *hysterical*
    Lol @awkward moment, ahahaha
    Glad he and Daniel are good friends
    (definitely a thrill to H-D shippers)
    I really want to see him… 🙁

  3. WOW i wish i could draw that good. the style that the person drew was in a manga style and i really wish i could do that. i only draw anime
    instead. I’m still learning though. >.< ^.^
    But i wish the whole Harry Potter cast could come to Hawaii because I've never met ANY famous people yet, but just commenting to say that the picture is SO nice. 0(^.^)0

  4. so adorable! wish i could draw him like that! i tried to draw him except i couldn’t do the head so he had to wear a mask.oops lol.

  5. He’s so amazing. If I could meet anyone in the world, it would be him. Haaa thats sooo cute, I love the pictures, they’re really good.

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