Tom Felton deserves a National Movie Award!

Fans and critics agree that Tom Felton’s performance in the latest Potter film, “Half-Blood Prince,” was both emotionally-powerful and touching. The way Tom portrayed Draco Malfoy’s struggle with dark magic – and his own vulnerabilities – really made this record-setting blockbuster one of the best yet in the franchise.

So, we think that Tom deserves recognition for this amazing performance!

Currently, the National Movie Awards are soliciting opinions from fans regarding who should be nominated for the 2009 awards! So, would like to ask that everyone go to their nomination form and submit Tom for Best Performance – Male. You don’t have to do anything except type his name and say why you feel his performance in HBP is worthy of recognition! 🙂

Also, if you have a Twitter account, please post the following to help spread the word:

RT @feltbeats: Nominate @tomfelton for a National Movie Award! Go to and say you want Tom for Best Performance – Male!

Let us know if you have any other ideas on how you can spread the word and really get the word to the National Movie Award people that Tom needs to be nominated! 🙂

Click here to nominate Tom Felton for a National Movie Award!

20 thoughts on “Tom Felton deserves a National Movie Award!

  1. Yess, I did it! And yeah, good question… I wonder if there is a limit as to how many times we can vote? I am guessing not, but I’m not sure…

  2. i have voted for him but i’ll vote again later as well ad i no that no one else deserves to win more than Tom as he is amazing actor and singer and his part as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter is amazing the only thing i didnt like is when Draco got hurt as it made me cry coz i hate seen people like Tom getting hurt this shows he can do a really good job in acting. But i loved the whole film and Tom is amazing
    x x x

  3. Voted yesterday and today too… he deserves it more than anyone else… will put the link for some fans from Brazil to vote too. Hope he’ll get it.

  4. Tom Felton deserves recognition in this category for his brilliantly moving portrayal of Draco Malfoy in the new installment of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. His ability to bring across the internal stuggle faced by the character to kill or be killed or his subdued cry for help. The emotions presented on screen made it possible for fans of the movies who dislike the character to begin to understand the reasons for his actions and to take pity on him and rethink their/my feelings toward malfoy. Being a fan of the books myself I’m very happy that MR. Felton was able to bring that across on screen and for that reason I believe Tom felton should be awarded and celebrated as a recipient of this award. Thank You

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