37 thoughts on “Tom Felton Posts New Photo on Twitter Profile

  1. he looks unbelievable
    so sexy
    so sultry
    so kissable
    so classic
    he looks perfectly handsome in every way
    he looks like a model!
    i love this he is absolutely gorgeous

  2. i can write something about your outfit, something about your face, but i can’t find the right words, because there are no words to describe how good you look like!
    (sorry about my english, i’m german)
    love, maddi

  3. Oh. My. God! He just keeps getting sexier and sexier everytime! Love the hair, clothes, expression…. BAH! I love everything about this pic and more! God, he is kissable!

  4. *dies* ghost says: That’s a really nice pic, the best pic I saw in all my 13 years of living!They should put that on a billboard…

  5. he is very thin, isnt he? and rather pale….they really should cast him in twilight.
    but love the pic tom. great job, as always. 🙂

  6. This photographer is awesome! Gosh! He took many amazing pictures of Tom! Gosh, That’s not fair, he is so kissable *w* OMG! Yay, Good Job!

  7. o.o he changed his picture like, what, a day ago? and all the sudden this website is posting his new picture? stalkers unite, eh?

    mmm, whatever. lordie, he’s pretty. and possibly terrified by the fact that people all over the world imagine marrying him and having his babies. poor kid (even though he’s older than me, i’m certian).

    i betcha the fact that all these peeps basically calling him kissable (he is) and lickable (-coughs- he is) doesn’t even faze him. therefore, i am allowed to tell the world that i’d pretty much like to hug him and never let go. -gigglesnort-

    tom felton is my musical muse. he inspires me to write and play music in the best of ways, and i’d be so, so lucky for him to even READ this, let alone maybe click my website link and twitter me?

    -smirks- sure, sure. 😉


  8. Ya know after all these years im finally coming to relise that he isnt just an actor or just a hott guy he is amazingly talented and drop dead georgus!!! And he is very kissable always has been and always wil be!! Love you tom!! xxx

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