Tom Felton Announces Non-HP Related Filming – Sort Of.

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For those of you religiously following Tom’s tweets, you’ll know that he’s had a rough week on set filming stunt work for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2. In a fan given set report we relayed to you on August 12, we know that Tom is currently amidst filming for one of his most important scenes in the series, that of the Fiendfyre incident in the Room of Requirement with Harry and the others during the final battle.

Amidst all his grumbles of pain and exhaustion, those stunt people are leaving poor Tom bruised and battered, he revealed an interesting factoid on this his day off. It seems he has some fun and excitement in store this week – new scripts to read, a fun show to see, and even – wait, what was that? Some non-HP related film goodness????

Good morning all! Going to see Julian Perretta tonight…looking forward to it! Woken up feeling slightly sore…at home reading scripts…

Been to the gym! First time in ages…Finally have a free day and trying to fit everything in. More scripts to read once I’ve had some lunch.

Got some exciting filming taking place on Friday….can’t say anything just yet…but its not for HP…I’ll let u know as soon as I can 🙂

As soon as more information concerning this tantalizing filming tip becomes available, will let you know.

18 thoughts on “Tom Felton Announces Non-HP Related Filming – Sort Of.

  1. I get very happy everytime I read that Tom had a new proyect, because that’s what he wants to do, and it’s good, to see that he’s making it for being the great actor he is, and not for being the boy who played Draco Malfoy on Harry Potter’s movies.

  2. Aww, I can’t wait! It’d be very interesting to see Tom in another new character and without blonde hair perhaps… XD
    Keep up the good work, Tom!

  3. Aww poor guy…But this will be excting to see him as a new charcter! and thats awesome he is getting some new experinces!! Woo! way to go tom!! An Ps.hope your felling better!

  4. Amidst all his pain he still finds it in him to keep us updated

    How sweet

    Much love Tom, and hope you fell better

    <3 Emz

  5. I wonder will he wear a wig..? The platinum hair was Draco’s signature o.O AAAaahHH can’t wait to see!!
    Tom’s very devoted to his fans AND vice versa, I wish this sort-of bond would last!! Whoever he’d marry in the future he’ll always have his own “Felton’s Army” lol!

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