Tom Felton to film cameo for Jonah Hill’s “Get Him to the Greek”

It was just yesterday that Tom tweeted about some exciting filming he had coming up this Friday, and while he couldn’t talk about it at the time, it seems the ban has been lifted. Tom has just announced via his Twitter account that he will be shooting a cameo appearance for Jonah Hill’s new film, Get Him to the Greek.

So the exciting news that I mentioned yesterday is that I’m filming a cameo on Friday for Jonah Hills new film ‘Get Him to the Greek’

Looking forward to being on a new set….and working with Jonah will be a learning curve I’m sure! His work is fantastic….He’s hilarious.

Starring alongside Hill is Russell Brand, Elizabeth Moss, and Rose Byrne. The film will also include cameo appearances by Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Lars Ulrich, Pink, and Jack Black.

According to the film’s IMDB webpage:

Aaron Greenberg (Hill) gets things done. The ambitious 23-year-old has exaggerated his way into a dream job just in time for a career-making assignment. His mission: Fly to London and escort a rock god to L.A.s Greek Theatre for the first-stop on a $100-million tour. His warning: Turn your back on him at your own peril. British rocker Aldous Snow (Brand) is both a brilliant musician and walking sex. Weary of yes men and piles of money, the former front man is searching for the meaning of life.

As the countdown to the concert begins, one intern must navigate a minefield of London drug smuggles, New York City brawls and Vegas lap dances to deliver his charge safe and, sort of, sound. He may have to coax, lie to, enable and party with Aldous, but Aaron will get him to the Greek.

Clockwise from top left: Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, and Elizabeth Moss.

19 thoughts on “Tom Felton to film cameo for Jonah Hill’s “Get Him to the Greek”

  1. hey tom!congrats!thats totally awsome!cant wait to see it;)o and will you follow me on twitter?im kaitlyntwit;)sometimes i mention you and say when im going to feltbeats:Dlol:) well going to twitter.keep me updated!love you so much;)
    -your number one fan,kaitlyn;)
    p.s,pray for me.went to hospital today during school.hardly member a thing.

  2. Is this movie loosely based on Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Russell Brand played Aldous Snow in that movie and Jonah Hill had a small part as a host/server at the resort in Hawaii. Anyway, exciting! I love Tom Felton (obviously) as well as Jonah Hill and who doesn’t scream for Russell Brand? Can’t wait!

    • Not necessarily be himself, but cameo was a term for famous people who did only very little appearance and dialogue. They are like.. Fun to watch extras, like the first reviewer had said ^^

      I kNoW he won’t be wearing wig, then!! Hail for cameos!!

  3. Hey tom i liked you better with emma not jade she soooooo stupid im sorry but go back to emma i have seen you and jade kiss it made me sick that its was not emma! i am very upset! uhg

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