Daniel Radcliffe Gets His Wish: Hanging out with Tom Felton AND watching The Cricket!

Our last post stated how, basically, if Daniel Radcliffe could be anywhere, he would be with Tom Felton, doing some kind of Cricket-related activity. Well, looks like he got his wish. Tom and Dan attended the England vs. Australia Ashes championship game today and, luckily for us, Feltbeats Admin Lumalfoy and Youtube uploader Tinydancer114 have enabled us to see them there! Unfortunately for the boys, Dan’s apprehension was realized when they both were recognized by the camera. However, because the camera’s eye caught them, we now have a video of it:


Oh, and according to Matt Lewis’ twitter England Won the Ashes game today! Congrats, England, and good play, Australia.

Mattdavelewis England are one wicket away from winning the Ashes for the second time in a row in this country. Australia look lost and confused. YES!

Mattdavelewis There it is; the last Aussie wicket falls. England win the 2009 Ashes!! Fair play to Oz, they’ve come out fighting and deserve an applause.

We applaud both teams!

And we hope you guys had sunscreen on!

18 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe Gets His Wish: Hanging out with Tom Felton AND watching The Cricket!

  1. lmao i was laughing whenever the camera pointed at tom and dan cuz i bet they didnt even know it ahahahaha i dont understand the game btw lol

  2. At 1:02 Tom looks like he’s thinking,’Oh shit,here we go again!’ (Which is probably what he was actually thinking). lol xx

  3. Was an amazing day for cricket!!!!! And Broady (Stuart Broad, cricketer) is nicknamed Malfoy by his team mates 😛 Tom and dan were lucky that it didn’t run to 5 days tho, have been watching all day and it was epic!!! Tom, Dan and Jade kept popping up, the sun was shining and we won the Ashes! Supeerrrr! x

  4. It was just lovely seeing them both caught by the camera being so natural, and to keep going, despite to have been spotted upon. And yes, Tom should have thought of taking some sunglasses, considering how brigt the sun was yesterday, either side of the channel…*wink*

    With Love,


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