Tom Felton Signs Letter of Intent for “Grace and Danger”

We reported previously that Tom was attached to Grace and Danger, and now we’re happy to report he’s officially signed a letter of intent.

Rhys Hayward has just posted the following on the Grace and Danger Facebook page:

What a start to the week!

I’m somewhat speechless – things have been a little tense these past few weeks (as most of you know!), but I’m very pleased to announce that TOM FELTON is now officially attached to Grace & Danger!!!!!!!! I’ve just returned home to find an e-mail from Tom’s agent and a letter of intent! Hard to believe it!

Please feel free to share this news with HP fans everywhere! Want to continue to build up the G & D fanbase.

…. will be back with more news later this week – don’t know if we’ll ever top that!

Thank you, Tom!

In related news, Rhys Hayward has also made it known that he is auditioning another Harry Potter actor for a role in the film. As soon as we know more information concerning who it may be, we will let you know.

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14 thoughts on “Tom Felton Signs Letter of Intent for “Grace and Danger”

  1. Woot! A serious movie with a serious plot and lots of dramatic opportunities!! I hope it gets released in the USA or at least gets a DVD release!

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