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Yesterday released their list of the “10 Best Villians of Summer,” featuring our own Tom Felton! The movie site calls him the “Best All-Grown-Up Villian,” saying:

Best All-Grown-Up Villain
Played by Tom Felton in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
He’s been relegated to the sidelines for most of the Harry Potter films, but in Half-Blood Prince he step into the lead villain spotlight, skulking around Hogwarts with his secret plan and eventually pointing his wand at the most powerful wizard in the world. It helps that Felton is up to the challenge, and provides Draco with equal amounts of the pathos, rage and fear that Rowling always gave Draco in the books.

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  1. He did do exceptionally well at capturing Draco in this movie, but then again, he always has in the others as well.
    It should be noted that he’s also one of the sexiest villains as well, hehe

  2. bad boys are all ways unestimated but people forget with the bad guys the good guys dont look so good lol

    toms brill and plays draco to a standard which some actors could only dream of xxx

  3. WOW! This is quite a résumé of Draco’s timeline in just a few lines, and very true, nevertheless. Tom’s done him justice across his performance, making it ring like a rememberall’s bell to my eyes. And I’m grateful still for it.

    With Love,


  4. Tom was bloody brilliant Half-blood Prince. He has always been awesome in the other films but in this film he played draco much better than before because he’s not only is he bloody gorgeous but his acting was fab:) (like always ;))
    It’ll be so interesting to see his performance in deathly hallows and im sure he will be as great or better in it than half-blood prince. :):):):):P:D
    good luck in all your future films Tom. Xxxx

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