A fan report of Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch in Greece

Thanks to Mr. Brightside and The Leaky Cauldron, we now have a fan report of the premiere in Greece that Tom attended last week. You can read the full report by clicking here.

So, the event was supposed to start at 6 p.m. I arrived with my friends at around 4:30 and the place was already filled with fans. Around nearly one hundred people were gathered around the area where the event took place.

Surprisingly many people came at the event dressed up in wizard costumes (it is quite unusual in Greece so I was very excited to see more fans) which looked exactly the same from the movies, carrying wands and wearing hats or wearing HP merchandise such as Slytherin ties and t-shirts. Actually there were many people wearing Voldemort and Slytherin merchandise. Of particular mention though is a little blond boy who drew all the attention on him as he was dressed up in black clothes wearing a black scarf and round potterish glasses having the scar on his head. He looked like a combination of Malfoy and Harry. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any pictures of him.

While we were waiting, several press photographers and cameramen from Greek channels appeared and the crowd was getting bigger and bigger. According to reports more than 3.000 people filled the mall. … We had to wait twenty more minutes when at 6:55 the actors finally came and we all went crazy.

Unfortunately we had to wait for ten to fifteen minutes till the meet and greet session began as Tom and Evanna had to give interview to several channels.

When they were done, the autograph event began. We had to queue and wait our turn as Evanna and Tom were signing autographs. There was a professional photographer that was taking a picture for each fan with Felton and Evanna that as we assumed they would give each of the them after the event. It was quite quick actually since fans couldn’t stay more than a few minutes with them. The process was much like, greet them, probably say a few words, take a picture and go. A few people tried to have their books signed but most of them were unlucky since the organizers would not let them. A young woman tried to unfold her enormous Marauders map (where did she found it?) for Tom and Evanna to sign it but she was kinda kicked out immediately. It seemed as they were trying to sign as many cards as possible. Funny moment: a young woman tried to kiss Tom on the cheek, then he turned towards her and they almost kissed. Tom surprised turned his face the last moment.

According to the host that was there, Evanna and Tom were frightened by the crowd and if the pushing wouldn’t stop the actors would leave. After only thirty to forty minutes and a lot of pushing, screaming and yelling both Tom and Evanna got up and left without even thanking the crowd for being there or saying goodbye. The host though informed us they had a surprise for us.

In an attempt to calm the fans, the security guards distributed the remaining unsigned cards to the crowd. When that was done, since we had nothing to do we did what everyone else was doing. I have never seen people queuing to take pictures with character cut outs. It was crazy but very funny. Everyone was running around like kids taking pictures with Hermione, Ron, and the rest of the cut outs. Funny enough there was no Snape cut out or poster.

Finally when, the loudspeaker voice informed us that the screening room was ready, everyone started clapping and screaming. In the screening room there were cameras set up. After a few minutes, Felton and Evanna entered the room while everyone in, was clapping and screaming out of excitement (we thought that they would watch the movie with us). They gave a small interview, which was rather funny and akward for the audience because of the interviewer’s mistakes (he called Luna “Roula’ which is a Greek name and we were all laughing and then he asked the audience if we think that Tom’s blond hair is real or not. Of course we all screamed no, but he though we were saying yes, because the Greek word for yes sounds like the English no, and then we screamed even louder but i guess he was deaf). After a few questions, both Evanna and Tom thanked us (Tom in Greek) and left the theater.

To sum up, although like many others I did not get an autograph and met them, it was a very nice experience and both of them as everyone stated, were very nice and friendly with everyone and hopefully we’ll see them again, it was amazing to have them here. On the movie part, everyone seemed to love the film and every time Rupert appeared on the screen everyone was laughing hysterically.

6 thoughts on “A fan report of Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch in Greece

  1. I can understand the “fear factor” when a crowd gets angry. It’s too bad they were angry at the actors when it is the Security Team’s job to keep control of time, people and the actors. I could have never stood in the heat in a crowd to wait like that, sounds like hell even if seeing Tom is at the end of it.

    • You’re so right about the whole ‘getting angry at the wrong people’ part. If I were fortunate enough to make it to an event like that the last thing I’d be was angry. Some people are just that way though,I guess. *Shrugs* LOL xx

  2. “Funny moment: a young woman tried to kiss Tom on the cheek, then he turned towards her and they almost kissed. Tom surprised turned his face the last moment.”

    Oh, My Gosh! They are some that will try anything to meet their ends, even if it’s to end up awkwardly! Tom reacted accordingly. I’d have had done the same. I’m glad everything went well.

    With Love,


  3. “I did not get an autograph and met them” – my deepest sympathy and welcome to the club: I tried the same thing twice and it didn’t work out. (…but almost got me locked up in Wembley and later soaking wet.)
    Glad you enjoyed yourself nevertheless and thanks for the report!

  4. I saw them and I actually touched them! hahaha! I was lucky since I managed to take this two ‘adorable’ autographs! hey were marvellous! Hope they ll come again soon, but for the time tom is on holiday in spain! Have a great time tom!


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