Tom Felton is on vacation … the lucky duck

Tom let us know via Twitter and email that he’s currently on vacation in Marbella, Spain. Since they had sharks all day today, let’s hope it didn’t affect his free time.

Hello! Long time no tweet. My bad. Celebrating a friends 21st birthday in Marbella. Relaxing in the sun! Lifes good tweeple x

feltbeats: Just got an e-mail from @tomfelton that he is vacationing in Spain with Jade and friends, so we can call off the world-wide man hunt, LOL.

For those of you paying attention to Tom’s schedule, as we have recently reported, he is currently scheduled to be in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend for Dragoncon from September 4th through 7th. Will he be silent on the event? Will he tweet to let us know if he’s going? As soon as we know, you’ll know. 😉

27 thoughts on “Tom Felton is on vacation … the lucky duck

    • He was already in Florida this year! My friend Erin Pyne (president of the Orlando Harry Potter club, Wizard Wrocker, and author) got to meet with him. It helps that she used to work at Discovery Cove!

      • Oh, so she’s a friend of yours? She’s one of my top favorite Wizard Rock authors! Her Lumos piece on her second album is often into my ears (amongst some others). Please, give her my greetings. She’s a neat musical treat to not miss.

        With Love,


    • i second that hannah miami,Florida is praying to god that he comes this time miami then orlando 🙂 hope the flight stops in florids if so i’ll be waiting!!

  1. OMGGGG.
    he’ll be close to me!
    i’m in The Bahamas but i could only DREAM about him coming here.
    in case he ever sees this…

  2. totally bummed that our season opener is on the same day as dragon con and I have to dance at it.My college is 1 hr away from atlanta. Hey Tom- if you want to see the most exciting opener in American College football(according to ESPN), head up to Clemson, SC for the 6:00 season opener!=)

    • Clarkin – one of the Feltbeats Army members, Southernbets, was very torn on whether to go to the game (she has season tickets) or meet Tom.

      Tom 1
      Clemson 0

      (I strong armed her into it since I can’t make DC. Someone needs to send me photos! LOL)

    • Yeah… it’s the first opening game I’ve missed in 6 years. I’m bummed, but I figure Tom might be worth it 😉

      And 1 hour from Atlanta? Just how fast are you driving?

      Cheer on the Tigers for me, and I’ll see if I can get some good pics and videos of Tom for you!

  3. I planned on going to Dragon*Con but I was begged no to go by family members who wanted my there for my Uncle’s birthday. (I’ve been across the country for 6 years missing every holiday/birthday!!) If I was going and he didn’t show I would die! He was the only reason I was even interested. Been once been a thousand times!

  4. OMG you’re in vacation~ can I come?? I need some vacation from this boring activity ^^;; ahahaha just kidding, have a nice sunsets, duck! xD

  5. So my guess was pretty close after all, wasn’t it? He’s on break, taking some vacation to celebrate one of his friends’ 21st birthday. That’s nice. He’s taking his vacation exactly a few days short after some friends of ours came back from Spain themselves. Happy birthday to your friend, Tom. Enjoy your free time at Marbella with your buddies. It’s cool.

    With Love,


  6. Awww, lucky! I wanna go on vacay too! My friend went to Spain in that area when we were ten, and she told me that it was excellent there. My other buddie lives there (he moved when we were five or six,) and he sends me castinettes or whatever periodically. I hope he has fun. (“World-wind man hunt?” nice.)

  7. On second thought.. Wouldn’t it be bad if Draco Malfoy was tan?? xD
    I mean, Tom even tanner than Dan (well, a little), and after summer Greek adventure and and Marbella trip, I wonder if that would cause trouble for the make up artists xD

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