Half-Blood Prince Review: “Tom Felton stole the show!”

A while ago Eric Striffler, a very popular YouTube blogger with more than 50,000 subscribers on his two entertainment channels, posted a video review of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Although he was disappointed with the movie in general, he couldn’t seem to say enough good things about Tom Felton’s performance! He raved:

“I will however say – and I HAVE to say this because it is extremely important to me in my opinion: Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy was unbelievable. I can safely say that he stole the show. He stole every single scene that he was in. He was outstanding. I could not believe how great he was in this movie. He really did steal every single scene he was in. I think he deserves all the credit for that. He really was excellent.”

His comments about Tom start at about 1:50.

Thanks to @zoecrane for the tip!

15 thoughts on “Half-Blood Prince Review: “Tom Felton stole the show!”

  1. Tom was great. As soon as the DVD is available, I will watch it again (probably several times LOL) and get all the details. There was a lot I did not like in this movie that had nothing to do with the acting and everything to do with the pacing and the short shrift DD’s death scene got. AND WHERE WAS SNAPE! I won’t be angry here. Tom was great, I agree with this reviewer.

  2. Yeah! He was unbelievable…
    Like craig david’s song..

    It’s so unbelievable,
    And I don’t want to let it go,
    Something so beautiful,
    Flowing down like a waterfall…


  3. Honestly, I’ve seen the movie four times in theaters now and yes, can’t wait for DVD, and it’s all because of Tom as Draco. I hadn’t read the books before seeing this one and after I knew I had to. I knew there had to be so much that they had to leave out. And Tom was brilliant in what we were given. He made the movie for me. Draco has always been my favorite character so it was great to see him actually ‘doing’ something. And then Tom was just perfect. I love the movie for Draco.

  4. Unbelievable, that’s the word, I agree! He left me so much taken aback, as I was saying in my review into a previous post around two months ago, than yes, he stole the show by sucessfully driving home/recalling the message that we all have the right to the error, yes, through bringing to life Draco’s hardship. Tom blessed be for that.

    With Love,


  5. I certainly agree that Tom was FANTASTIC. I saw the movie 4 times in theaters, and he was the ONLY reason that I saw it more than once. I think he did a wonderful job in this movie.

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