Tom Felton announces his next album’s possible song titles on Twitter

You may have missed this when Tom tweeted about it yesterday – but I didn’t! LOL! 🙂

We knew that Tom was already working on a new album, but we didn’t know what songs it would contain. However, in a chat with Feltbeats Admin LilyGinny27, Tom mentioned some song titles that he was planning to include:

Song titles include blue skies, sometimes, lets take it back and good to be free. Still a lot of work to do though x

In addition, Tom had mentioned to previously that he was planning to include a remake of his very popular “She” song, but he was changing the lyrics to be “We.” He didn’t mention this in his tweet – hopefully it is still being included. (It is my favorite song ever!)

So that gives us a possible album line up:

  • “Blue Skies”
  • “Sometimes”
  • “Let’s take it back”
  • “Good to be free”
  • “We” (Possibly)

Thanks LilyGinny27, and Tom! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Tom Felton announces his next album’s possible song titles on Twitter

  1. It was sooo quiet on Twitter last night, too. I consider myself honored he even told me. Right now he’s calling the album “Still Searching” and he joked about still searching for a different title. lol I think I helped him with it…. I’m thinking he’s somewhere in the middle, though. Hmm…

    • I didn’t misss it, since I used to get back and forth between Twitter and here at various times. “Still Searching” sounds good to me. It really does it. As well as the songs’ titles selected. I will looking forward the result.

      With Love,


  2. I did miss that one! I saw him commenting about album titles though. I can’t wait for a new album! I love the ones he’s released on iTunes so far. I absolutely adore his accent coming through and the strumming. Wonderful!

  3. i would love to hear a song that combined his favorite things jade and timber. i think he could write such a beautiful song about them because he seems to care the most about them. haha :]

  4. Wow I’m so excited can’t wait I love his other albums oh and I did hear I’m nosy especially wen it comes to tom he’s an awesome and interestin person

  5. hiya everyone.. Im really new to this site, found you guys when I was surfing around cos I have this insatiable thirst to find out more about Tom under all the gloss that is Draco :)Best thing I ever done! Anywhoo, was hoping you could help me, I heard his song “a man worth fighting for” and fell arse over teacup in love with it! but cant seem to find anymore details about it 🙁 would you fairies know anything??


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