Tom Felton now listed on “Grace and Danger” IMDB site

Those of you who have been keeping up with all the “Grace and Danger” news on and on the movie’s Facebook fan page will be aware that Tom Felton has officially signed a letter of intent to star in the upcoming World War II movie.

I’m excited to update you that now Tom is listed on the official IMDB site as well. Although he is listed as “rumored” we know he signed a letter of intent, so his status should soon be updated to “attached.”

Very exciting news!

In case you missed it, I wanted to make sure you saw our previous post where we said that the director and writer, Rhys Hayward, is already working on a sequel to “Grace and Danger” which features Tom’s character, Private Carnaby, and he told that he would definitely love to have Tom Felton back to play the part!

Also, the director told me that Tom’s character, Private Carnaby, is from Idaho, but yet he has traveled around the US a lot so his accent could be very neutral. But I assume they will probably discuss it and see what Tom can do! Tom has been going to a voice coach to learn various accents, so Iā€™m sure he can pull anything off! =)

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Thanks for the information, Rhys!

9 thoughts on “Tom Felton now listed on “Grace and Danger” IMDB site

  1. Yes, to play off a good character will change him a lot from the evil tag, that’s been attached to Draco during all those years. It’d be interesting to hear what he’ll come off with when the movie get released, he taking so much fun playing pains in the neck, as he used to say…*grin*

    With Love,


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