Tom Felton is going to Dis – I mean, Orlando for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park

Tom has just confirmed via his Twitter account that he will definitely be in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, September 15th for a live webcast from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park.

just confirmed i’m going to see the wizarding world of harry potter at universal on tuesday! i’ll let u know how its coming along…

Tom has indeed been in the city before, and has been asking his Twitter followers for suggestions of things he could do, only not the Simpsons ride. No, anything but that.

gonna go on other rides to..cant go to the simpsons ride tho…have to admit it made me feel slightly worse for wear after i went on it!

I’m sure if he asks Feltbeats Admin BSerLori, she’d love to help show him the sites since she knows the area. BSerLori will be in attendance at the live webcast taping over the three day event in honor of the first ever glimpse of the park, and will be reporting on Tom’s experience there for

As soon as more information becomes available, including Tom’s role in the event, we will keep you informed.

17 thoughts on “Tom Felton is going to Dis – I mean, Orlando for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park

  1. I love Tom Felton! He’s also replied to me on Twitter!
    I recall y’all said it ‘Was the best tweet ever!’
    My username is kkjjmm
    I just told my mom I HAVE to go to the theme park:)

  2. Hes been in America 2 diifrent times in like two weeks. 🙂 Just not in my area. up north on east coast. Floridas to farr. 🙁

  3. he’s always JUST out of my grasp!! its frustrating cause im in Louisiana and he’s always like RIGHT THERE but on the other side of the stinking glass. now i just have to find the hammer and break the glass to meet him. (notice the awesome metaphor LOL) plz b in the US sometime between November 14th and 21st!! it would mean the world to me!!

  4. he’s just a like 2 hours by plane away from me! i neeeeeeeed to go down their NOW! i loooooove you Tom! You have to come to new jersey!

    • me too! I wish…How come I’m never anywhere Tom goes?! When he went to Japan, I was there a week before he went but then I had to go to Hongkong. Rawr! Then now he’s going to Florida. I’m going there in 2 weeks. I’m sad!

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