Tom Felton’s “Grace and Danger” Update

Some news concerning Tom Felton’s next film project, Grace and Danger, has made its to our inbox courtesy of director Rhys Hayward and his Facebook updates. It was recently reported that there was another Harry Potter actor in potential running for a role, and it was released today that it was Gryffindor’s own Cormac McLaggen, the handsome Freddie Stroma, director Hayward had his hopes on. Hayward related that Stroma is only a possibility if he reads the script and/or if a previously cast actor has to drop out due to scheduling difficulities. Let’s hope it’s not Tom if it comes to that!

In related news, Hayward announced that Empire Magazine is scheduled for an on set visit to help promote the film. Hayward stated, “Empire will do a feature on the movie once we’re filming – a day visit and a report to follow. They sounded quite excited by the idea, and it would be brilliant publicity for G & D.” We can only hope it’s a day Tom will be on set in full military fatigues. 😉

It sounds like filming is still scheduled to go ahead at some point in the near future. While Tom has signed his letter of intent for the film, IMDB still has him listed as “rumored” for the role of Private Carnaby. From his recent interviews at Dragon*Con, and from his tweets related to his visits with his voice coach on Twitter, we know that Tom is still actively pursuing knowledge of how to do the American accent required for the role.

As soon as has any more information concerning the film, we will let you know.

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  1. *random question to any Englishgirls/ Englishmen around* Is it hard to fake an accent..? I’m Asian, so I don’t really have an accent.. but I guess mine is American coz that’s the easiest to adopt from Hollywood movies xD

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