36 thoughts on “Tom Felton Plays Guitar Shirtless in New Twitter Profile Pic

  1. all is i can say is hawtt!!!! hit me upp on the telly tom!!! jkkk 😉 hahahaha no butt i love you thomas andrew felton your ah-dorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We are of course all assuming that he is playing -shirtless-. Yet there is nothing in this pic to suggest that he could be wearing anything! lol
    Apart from his treasured guitar of course. 🙂

  3. i was gonna say omg or how cute he looks but thats already been said so im gonna ask where he got his guitar a really want it PLEASE tell me

  4. i am so diggin this rugged musician look of his! *sings* you turnin me on! lol i need to stop. but yes definitely sexy, hot, fine, all of the above.

  5. Omg I think I need to take an extremely cold shower…ice cold he is hot as f***ing Hell!!!! I want to do him all night long..But he had a girl friend…I’d love to talk to him

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