Tom Felton is Top Trumps

Thanks to @TomFeltonFans_ we have scans of Harry Potter playing cards, featuring our own Tom!

These are the cards from Draco from the Top Trumps cards of Harry Potter 3-6, with the following characteristics: Magic, Cunning, Courage, Wisdom, Temper; and a poker game (HP 6). Both available at AmazonUK.

Draco_ Kreuz_8Draco_Pik_7Draco_Pik_9Quartett_HP_5_Draco

Who wouldn’t mind playing a few card games with these beauties in hand?

Thanks again, @TomFeltonFans_

23 thoughts on “Tom Felton is Top Trumps

  1. I think I’d be too distracted to pay attention to the game.. everyone would know what cards I had when I suddenly start staring at them dreamily!! haha

  2. Magic, Cunning, Courage, Wisdom, Temper: I can rely to them both at some point. I certainly got some temper when younger, but I’ve quite mellowed a lot across the years; when it comes to Cunning, I’m happy it stays put into the closet, nowadays; and Courage and Wisdom work hand in hand, for me.

    With Love,


  3. thx 4 da pics

    u np the 4th card were malfoy is sitting on a bench is that a scene from the 6th movie as i dnt remember seeing that ? or is it just a random photoshoot

  4. I actually have those playing cards. but I have one more with Draco/Tom 🙂 but I don’t have the one down to the right.

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