“Let’s Take it Back.” Tom Felton Tweets about New Song

We all listen to Tom Felton’s music hoping for more songs to add to our playlist, right? Well, guess what folks, Tom Felton has just tweeted about a new music website he’s a part of, and a new song! It’s called “Let’s Take It Back.” And you can listen to it here. You have to allow for your browser to let pop-ups from Reverbnation so that the player will open.

Here are Tom’s Tweets:

Got some exciting news for any fans of my music…….

I’ve made a new page dedicated to my music with pics, updates, etc. It’s still in the making, so bear with me….x

Did I mention there’s a new little song on there too! Rough recording, but enjoy www.reverbnation.com/tomfelton Become a fan x

You heard the man, BECOME A FAN of Tom Felton’s Music on Reverbnation today!

5 thoughts on ““Let’s Take it Back.” Tom Felton Tweets about New Song

  1. Oh, so you’re going now into building your own music page, Tom? It’s nice having one’s personal Web-Site, isn’t it? Please, let us know when you’re completely done with the design! Thanks!

    With Love,


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