Hogwarts Express Arrives In The Big Apple!

Food Networks Duff Goldman and his Charm City Cakes staff had the pleasure of making the cake for the New York Half Blood Prince Premiere. As you may recall, they made a working model of the Hogwarts Express, and Tom Felton had the honor of cutting the first piece!

CCC hits the big apple for a special hour of witchcraft, cranberry bogs, fishing and cakes. Duff is once again invited to celebrate with the Hogwarts crowd as he makes a uniquely designed cake for the US premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Mary Alice is overwhelmed by tweens as she and Duff deliver a cake for the publication of the new Ghost Girl novel. Chef Duff and the gang go bogging with Ocean Spray in Rockefeller Center and some of the bakery staff gets to see what they can fish out.

ย The episode featuring the creation of the cake will be shown on Food Networks popular series Ace Of Cakes. You can catch the premiere on October 29th at 10:00pm ET/PT


10 thoughts on “Hogwarts Express Arrives In The Big Apple!

  1. Excellent! I was soo hoping they would do an episode on this as soon as I heard Duff worked on this cake! And bserlori had such a nice interview with Duff about it too! Cool!

  2. Wow! I whom iss a big lover of well-done and tasty cakes, I’m stupefy by the accuracy of the realization, and that it was actually working!

    And it’s you, Tom, who had the honor of cutting the first piece! Wish I had been there with you, I know I would have had enjoyed it. I can hear “Hogwarts Express”, the folk song by Draco & The Malfoys, playing into the background…Yeah, it does it.

    Could please anyone record the show, since I can’t have it where I am, and post it here? Thank you very much. I’m too fond of this dear old red train…

    With Love,


  3. I can’t wait for this to air! I’m obsessed with everything Harry Potter and I heard the ghostgirl cake was amazing too! I’m buying the second book in the series ghostgirl:Homecoming tomorrow and plan to finish it before the show!!!!! Harry Potter, ghostgirl, Ace of Cakes…doesn’t get any better!!!!!

  4. wow!
    look at that cake!
    it looks exactly like the Hogwarts train!
    that is crazy talent man!

    aha(; looks like there havin funnn

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