Could Tom Felton be a “rock star” Burberry model?

Is our Tom Felton preparing to be a model for Burberry?

The fashion-industry blog, Definitive Touch, has posted the following blurb:

British actor Tom Felton has uploaded some images to his public twitter that previews his shoot for Burberry Prorsum’s fall 2009 campaign. He’s sporting the distressed ‘Portrait’ t-shirt that shows off a great vintage look. Paired with the destroyed jeans and vintage Ray-Bans, Felton is looking like a rock star in this shoot.

You may remember that these photos were part of the Kai Z Feng photoshoot. From what we understand, they were not part of any official Burberry photo shoot, however, maybe Definitive Touch knows something we don’t?

We’re trying to find out more details from Tom right now, but if anyone has more information, please let us know!

31 thoughts on “Could Tom Felton be a “rock star” Burberry model?

  1. Extremely interesting… I think if he confirms this, I’ll go buy Burberry for all the males on my christmad shopping list.
    Lord knows they could all use a make over. 😉

  2. Oh dear. Burberry is the perfume my Dad bought for me!! Hm… It would be rather cool. Yeah, he does look like a rock star…

  3. I really like those photos of Tom. He looks very fashionable. lol. Burberry is an awesome fashion line and how cool would it be for Tom to model for them? He can do it for sure.

  4. I am too old to start collecting magazines and photo clips, but I would love to see him on huge billboards and I would download and look at the images repeatedly. Models for major lines make major money too, which is not a bad deal.

  5. complete load of bosh. Burberry’s 2009 fall campaign was released ages ago. I doubt they’d put him in the spring/summer 2010 campaign. It would be a good partnership except for the Emma Watson factor. The two of them, together or separate, would tie Burberry much too closely to Harry Potter–definitely not a plus in the snobby fashion industry.

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