Tom Felton’s DRAMA Now Available For The Masses

DRAMA Magazine has been released today via the iTunes store, and starring Tom Felton in all his dramatic glory. You can see the rest of Tom’s photo shoot here in our galleries.

The digital magazine, which is also includes interviews with Tom, Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright, can be purchased for $.99 US in the iPhone apps store!

Thanks to Snitchseeker for the pics!

46 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s DRAMA Now Available For The Masses

    • @feltbeats OMFG SO SO SO SO AMAZING!!! Totally worth wait! I want more though! lol @TomFelton Props to you for the Drama shoot dude!

    • @feltbeats THUD! I’m going to dress someone up like this & call them Tom. Totally inappropriate, I know! But seriously!!!!!

    • @feltbeats OMG! those are too cool! (Btw im the one posting the comments from “Tinker Bell”) just thought you’d want to know that! 😉

  1. Love them. Just went to snitchseeker and saw Rupert’s and Bonnie’s – I really don’t like theirs, they look so boring compared to the sexiness that is Tom’s.

  2. Bonnie and Rupert’s photos are great but Tom’s are absolutely amazing. Magazine’s called DRAMA and he sure can bring it! The one with the chain harness is my favorite. He really looks like Jude Law in this one.

  3. =O I think I just died, this is soooo great and sexy, and amazing, and photopornographogenic (not sure if I spell it right lol)

  4. *scream*

    Tom looks very different but i like these pics lol
    such a gr8 morning for me also!
    look at his eyes!!

    i just visit snitchseeker and found that Rupert is charming and Bonnie looks classy. I like them both but Tom is the best!


  5. Oh. Em. Gee. He looks dirty sexy and a bit Boyd like with the dark eye makeup going on. I’m trying not to lick my phone (especially since I’m in a religion class). In fact I’m thinking really bad things but I’ll keep this PG! I wonder if I could dress someone up like this…..

  6. KKYYYYYAAAAA!!! that is SO HOT!! It looks awesome Tom! 😀 omg! those bruises and cuts look so real! love the guyliner! 😀 I’m diggin the red pants! 😉 <3

  7. definitely like the one in the white shirt the most. he looks the most natural there. wont deny he’s amazing in the others, but they just don’t seem to fit his style. Love his face though- he’s gorgeous

  8. Wow. I’m speechless. I know it’s Tom, but wow. I guess Drama does live up to it’s goal: it wants to be the only magazine that has photos that are unisex looking.

  9. Okay, it’s something new, it’s something different and he looks good (as usual) but it’s too drama queenish for my liking. I think the Kai Z Feng pics suit Tom better.

  10. I think these pictures show that Tom really can do just about anything and still look incredible. I bet everyone at Drama loved working with him, cause it must have been fun to dress him up like that. I think both Ruperts and Bonnies shoots are nice enough, but somewhat uninspired, and Tom definately steals the show! (Can’t help but think he looks a little like Kris from Hollyoaks though – the hair and eyeliner, plus totally random fashion sense…)

  11. holy s**t in the toilet! that almost doesn’t doesn’t look like him! these are amazing! XD that pic at the top is so my fave right now. love ya Tom!!!
    plud did anyone see the Rupert and Bonnie pics too? they look so cool! >.<

    • Yep, I saw theirs to and I thought they looked really cool as well. You look amazing Tom. So different but so awesome as well.

  12. almost had a heart attack…what hapnd to my ooo so sweet and innocent(in my mind..*grin grin*) TOM…he looks so different…so many faces on such a young man!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I’m sorry but no no no! I love the Kai Z. Feng photoshoot. These, not so much. Total fail in my eyes. And before you flame me for it. It’s my opinion!

  14. Omg these r crazy!! The eyeliner threw me off there for a minute!! I was like, whoa!! He looks so fierce here. Man I wanna just eat him up!! Hahahahaha

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